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CSR Project By:  Marico Limited

Project Budget: INR 0.03 Cr

MIF Scale Up Program


MIF Scale Up Program  (2017-18)

Project Sector  : Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement
Implementing Partners:  Marico Innovation Foundation

Project Description

MIF’s Scale-up program aims to help young ‘innovative organisations in accelerating their growth through deep rooted and intensive mentoring from a domain expert at a nominal fee. The mentors devote their time and experience in developing an implementable course of action and this entire process is monitored by MIF through pre-determined milestones. The engagement ends when the challenge is resolved and the organization is ready to scale up operations seamlessly. In FY2017-18 the Foundation worked closely with the following organisations to scale them up:

i) Atomberg

Atomberg is an organization that has developed India’s most energy efficient ceiling fan, the Gorilla fan using high quality super-efficient BLDC motors.

ii) Faclon Labs

Faclon Labs is an integrated end to end technology provider for Smart Water Management. They have a product that can track the leakage of water in real time and helps in leakage detection. MIF is currently helping them formulate their GTM strategy and better their manufacturing processes.

iii) Green Salute

Green Salute is a waterless car wash solution, with the cleaning service included. This solution results in saving the water which is wasted while washing cars.

iv) S4S Technologies

They have developed a technology that can dehydrate foods while maintaining nutrition levels of 85%-99%. This is much higher than that was previously possible with dehydrated foods. The cost of dehydrating is also significantly lower - almost 40%- 50% lower than traditional dryers, which gives them an edge over competitive alternatives.

v) Incredible Device

Incredible Device is an organization that has created an automatic Catheter Reprocessing system.

vi) Arture

An online fashion label that uses the bark of a tree (cork) to make 100% natural cork fabrics for wallets, handbags, sleeves and travel accessories for both men and women. The tree remains unharmed when sourcing the cork as it can regrow the bark. This process consumes 3 times more carbon dioxide thereby cleaning the air.

vii) Kinemach Engineering

Kinemach Engineering is an organization that has developed an agricultural machine which can plough, dig and weed farms while mimicking human hand movement.

viii) String Bio

String Bio is an organization that essentially produces animal and food protein from methane and solid waste. Their protein is significantly lower in cost compared to competitive and alternate sources of protein.

ix) Express Bike Works (EBW)

EBW has come up with India’s first and fastest automatic motorcycle wash machine capable of washing the dirtiest of motorcycle within 2-5 minutes. The product being green in its design incorporates inbuilt water recycling unit and is energy efficient as well thus saving water and power.

x) Niramai

Niramai has created an innovative solution for early detection of breast cancer or malignancy of lumps in women.

xi) Krishi Star

Krishi Star, a Mumbai-based agri-business start up that focuses on producing processed tomato products and they are dedicated to improving incomes for small farmers in India. They are creating a network of profitable farmer-owned food processing.

xii) Help Us Green

Help us Green is a social enterprise that collects floral waste from the temples in Uttar Pradesh there by preserving River Ganges from becoming a religious sewer. The waste is then handcrafted by rural women self-help groups into patented organic fertilizer and incense sticks and stones.

xiii) Violet Health

Violet Health is an organization that is working towards solving the destructive, global cycle of anaemia among pregnant women and their children through culturally appropriate iron-fortified products.

Project Location:   Mumbai-Maharashtra, Aurangabad-Maharashtra, Bengaluru-Karnataka,

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