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CSR Project By:  Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Project Budget: INR 24.03 Cr

Promoting Education


Promoting Education  (2017-18)

Project Sector  : Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement
Implementing Partners:  Not Available

Project Description

The company has contributed some amount of money for promoting education

  • Ekal vidyalaya one teacher schools 2015-2017
  • Ekal vidyalaya for tribal students 2017-18
  • Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) Project is one such project promoting education through digital literacy for students, up to 10th Std. in low income schools of Mumbai and Jaipur. This year, Project CAL has been replicated in 50 centres located in Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) school buildings and 20 schools in Washala, a tribal village in Thane district. The intervention focuses on improving children’s learning levels in Mathematics and Language through the use of computers. More than 1 lakh children have been benefitted under this initiative so far.
  • Supporting night schools in Mumbai with NGO Masoom
  • Dance and Theatre training in 2 underprivileged schools
  • Providing educational support to 150 cancer affected children
  • Supporting diploma in automobile & computer engineering for underprivileged
  • Remedial education for Children in 20 slums of Bhubaneswar
  • Improving quality of education in 13 rural Govt schools
  • Third Party evaluation of Akshar Read India Project in Nandurbar, Sagar, Jaipur & Dausa
  • Holistic Development of underprivileged children at 15 GAP units
  • Integrated Child Education & Development programme
  • Maths enhancement project - Ganit Shakti in Govt. Schools
  • Project Akshar (2016-17)
  • Supporting Vivekananda Vidyapeeth School
  • Providing quality education to children in tribal communities in 50 Shiksha Kendras
  • Project Akshar – Nandurbar
  • Supporting libraries in 24 Zilla Parishad Schools of Uran
  • Supportive education to school-going & dropout children in 6 backward villages
  • Suraksharadham Mobile Safety Training
  • A Book for Every Child Project for promoting education
  • Bala Janaagraha civic learning
  • Capability Exploration and enhancement programme
  • E-learning project in 17 Govt. schools in coastal tribal areas
  • Education facilities at Shanti Bhavan
  • Facilities at Sradha Special School
  • Safe transport of school students
  • Supporting Project Puthu Yugam
  • ROSHNI Learning Enhancement for children of inter-state workers
  • Velicham Education Project
  • Supporting 7 night schools
  • Education project for Destitute and Orphan children
  • Project 'Amchi E-shala' - Supplementary Education Centers
  • Project 'Shakti' - Bakery enterprise Project
  • Providing supplementary education for 1-10th Std. Students
  • Formal & Non Formal Education (Sanskar Kendras) to slum children
  • Supporting underprivileged students for Diploma courses (2017-2020)
  • Contribution to the National Oil Museum project
Project Location:   Kerala, Solapur-Maharashtra, Mumbai-Maharashtra, Chennai-Tamil Nadu, Odisha,

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