Promoting Education- CSR Projects India

CSR Project By:  UPL Ltd.
Project Budget: INR 8.87 Cr



Promoting Education  (2016-17)


Project Sector

  • Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement

Implementing Partners

Pimri Chinchwad Education Trust
Eklavya Model School

Project Description

The company donated some amount to an Educational School (Sandraben Shroff Gnyan Dham School) established in the year 1972, and it was affiliated to CBSE syllabus for community in industrial town Vapi. Donation from the company was provided to Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) to provide Quality Education to meritorious tribal children. Chemical Institution specializing in chemical technology was also funded to provide the specific needs of the chemical industry in Gujarat. Inorder  to promote Education, the company even donated some amount to Sandra Shroff Rofell college which brings smile on the millions as the college desires to nurture up the mind of their students.To appreciate the vision of providing value added educational platform to society in multiple dimensions which is the vision of Pimri Chinchwad Education Trust (PCET), the company contributed some amount to fulfill their vision, benefitting students.


Project Location

Project Location: Pune-Maharashtra,

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