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CSR Project By:  Vedanta Limited

Project Budget: INR 16.70 Cr

Promoting Healthcare, Sanitation & Drinking Water Facilities


Promoting Healthcare, Sanitation & Drinking Water Facilities  (2016-17)

Project Sector  : Preventive Healthcare, Water and Sanitation
Implementing Partners:  Care India, Subhalaxmi Cooperative, Matruchhaya, Sadhna Rural trust, Vedanta Foundation,

Project Description

Company has undertaken following projects for promoting healthcare, sanitation and providing drinking water facilities

  • Project Janani
  • HIV/AIDS, Mega Health camps and other camps
  • Construction of toilets
  • Rural Sanitation Programme - Village Cleaning
  • Running MHV’s in Rajasthan and Gujarat; Care India Mother and Child health, Govt Hospital cleaning; Specialist Doctors
  • Construction of toilets under “Swachch Bharat Mission”, individual household toilets/ bathroom construction and school toilets
  • Pahounch – women and children health and nutritional supplements; micro level interventions; MLI under PPP model
  • Setting up RO water plants
  • Community Medical Centers (CMC), Mobile Health Vans
  • Drinking water project & Sanitation Units
  • Health check up and Awareness camps (cataract camp, Paediatric camps, breasts feeding and awareness camp)
  • Promoting Preventive health through Vedanta Hospital
  • Promoting Preventive health through instituting Mobile Health Unit
  • Contribution to Maa Santoshi Jankalyan Hospital, Bankakundru
  • Contribution to Trilochanpur Health Outlet
  • Leaf Plate Making Unit
  • Blood Donation Camp, Healthcare on wheels, Construction of 1st floor & Maintenance of two floors in Pediatrics block in GH
  • Child care centers

Vedanta’s development programmes are devised to serve specific needs of the community. During the comprehensive business-wide need based assessment conducted two years ago, it emerged that access to medical and sanitation facilities, as also attention to personal hygiene were among the key lacunae in rural India. In addition to providing support to local governments for ensuring access to Health & Sanitation facilities in remote locations. In 2015-16, they proactively extended WBCSD’s WASH pledge from their operational locations to encompass surrounding communities; thereby enabling access of clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to over 2,00,000 people. Vedanta is providing quality health care services in rural areas which not only help in diagnosing and treating diseases at an early stage, but also enhance awareness about the diseases and the means to prevent them. During the year, across their businesses, more than 500,000 people benefitted through its clinics, hospitals, camps and mobile health units.

Equitable access to clean water, safe sanitation and hygiene are essential to sustain life, and especially so in rural areas, where lack of these facilities has a direct impact on people’s health and well-being status. Many of their business units are leading the way in finding solutions to these challenges, and in some of the most remote parts of the countries they work in. During the year, they were able to enhance access to safe water and sanitation for over 217,000 villagers.

Project Location:   Barmer-Rajasthan, Viramgam-Gujarat, Jharsuguda-Odisha, Goa, Chitradurga-Karnataka,

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