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“‘Tis the Season to be Jolly!!!” Meaningful Ways for Corporates to Celebrate Christmas and the New Year

By CSRBOX On 03 December 2019
“‘Tis the Season to be Jolly!!!”  Meaningful Ways for Corporates to Celebrate Christmas and the New Year

With the year end round the corner, many Corporates are getting ready to celebrate Christmas and usher in the New Year with a bang. Christmas lunches are so commonplace…..Why not take it up a notch and have a meaningful celebration this year by contributing to towards improving the nutritional status of the impoverished. Here are a few exciting ideas towards employee engagement with a Poshan filled Christmas:

  1. Refurbishing an Anganwadi Centre: A meaningful Christmas celebration could comprise improving the conditions of Anganwadi Centres in the company’s catchment area. Anganwadis are an important last-mile delivery centre for all essential government schemes and services. However, there are a number of centres which are poorly maintained and lack basic infrastructure, and this has resulted in a “lack of faith among beneficiaries”[1] leading to poor attendance. Refurbishment of Anganwadi Centres can be undertaken by the organization and employees by beautifying the premises of the centre (cleaning it, painting the walls and cupboards, providing cupboards, chairs and desks for children and the Anganwadi Helper, preschool education kits and games for the children) as a means to improve service delivery to the beneficiaries and increase beneficiary enrolment. This activity could go a long way in improving the nutritional status of beneficiaries by motivating them to attend the anganwadi centre and take advantage of the schemes and services provided.

  2. Christmas Tree Building Contest: A Christmas tree building contest could be organized using packed non-perishable food items like packets of grains, dals, sugar, oil, milk powder, healthy snacks, etc. The company could arrange for purchasing and stocking these items in the area where the contest is planned. Employees could also be asked to donate non-perishable food items. Then employees could be divided into groups and each group be given a quota of different items. Using these items they are to build a creative Christmas tree. The group that wins gets to decide which organization they would like to donate all the food items to.

  3. Swachhata Doot Session: Train employees to become Swachhata Doots using the approaches and resources developed by Hindustan Unilever Limited[2]. After the training session, tie up with local schools catering to children from impoverished backgrounds or orphanages, and organize a health and hygiene session by the Swachhata Doots. You may distribute age-appropriate hygiene kits to the children after the session.

  4. Organize a Charity Cricket Match:  Tie up with a local cricket club or orphanage to organize a charity cricket match between your employees’ team and the local team. Arrange for sale of refreshments and drinks. Proceeds from the sale of tickets and refreshments could be directed towards sponsoring meals in a local orphanage or home for the destitute.

  5. Organize a Christmas Funfair: Organize a funfair for employees and their families. Employees could either prepare and sell food items or set up games. The proceeds of the funfair could be donated towards providing midday meals for school children.

  6. Team building games to kick off the Christmas Party: The best way to build an appetite is to play. Team building activities could be organized prior to the Christmas party.  These group activities could include creative Minute to Win it games, Silent Challenges, Company Crest, Paper Towers, etc and prizes for winning each activity should include packaged non-perishable food items. The group that wins the maximum prizes will then decide which NGO or Organization they would like to donate all the food items to.


We hope your organization plans their Christmas/New Year Celebrations around one of these ideas. Do let us know your queries or feedback with regard to implementing these ideas.

Wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year from Team CSRBOX!!!


Rubina is a Research Nutritionist and an Infant and Young Child Feeding Counselor. She is working with IMPAct4Nutrition as a Senior Researcher and Communication Lead. Rubina, a true ‘Punekar’ who believes that afternoon siestas should be made mandatory, loves to play with her cats and bake delicious goodies.

IMPAct4Nutrition is a unique platform created to engage the private sector in supporting the multi-sectoral approach of POSHAN Abhiyaan’s strategy. It is an opportunity for the private sector to actively engage and build a social movement with their employees, customers and employees’ families who form a part of their business ecosystem and support the POSHAN Abhiyaan. 


For more details and customized plan for your company or handholding, please write to us at rubina@csrbox.org


[1] https://qz.com/india/1584703/indias-icds-anganwadi-system-is-a-challenged-but-impressive-effort/ Accessed on 02-09-2019

[2] https://www.hul.co.in/sustainable-living/swachh-aadat-swachh-bharat/badlo/teach-the-3-simple-habits/ Accessed on 14-11-2019

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