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Fermenta Biotech Ltd. & Indchemie Health Specialities Pvt. Ltd. donate Vitamin D to 250,000 Maharashtra Police personnel

By Times of India On 31 July 2020
 Fermenta Biotech Ltd. & Indchemie Health Specialities Pvt. Ltd. donate Vitamin D to 250,000 Maharashtra Police personnel

As the COVID-19 pandemic reaches a critical point, our essential services personnel, including the police force, continue to selflessly work around the clock in their massive efforts to keep us safe. Over the last few months, we have seen cases of exemplary courage, where our Corona Warriors have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure the health and safety of citizens, without caring for their own.


 As a gesture of gratefulness, Fermenta Biotech Limited and Indchemie Health Specialities Private Limited have jointly supplied Vitamin D for the benefit of 250,000 Maharashtra Police personnel, as part of their initiative “Help Protect Our Protectors”. The activity commenced on 15th June 2020, with Fermenta and Indchemie supplying the brand DV 60K® for the police force, each strip containing sufficient dosage for an individual’s recommended regime of 60,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per week for eight weeks, amounting to a total of 2,000,000 capsules donated.  


Around 90% of the Indian population suffers from low Vitamin D levels, an essential micronutrient with documented evidence of its role in supporting immunity as well as reducing the incidence, severity and risk of respiratory infections. The Vitamin D soft gelatin capsules were distributed to the Maharashtra Police personnel, who are at the heart of the humanitarian efforts against COVID-19, in order to enable their health and immunity at a time when our immune system is the last line of defense.


An initiative to Help protect our protectors with better Health and nutrition

 The “Help Protect Our Protectors” initiative is an endeavour to contribute towards the protection of those who work tirelessly for shielding the citizens of our country. It is aimed at strengthening the immunity of the police force thereby enabling them to battle the virus and mitigating its deep human impact on our society. The initiative is a part of the Joint Corporate Social Responsibility programme of Fermenta, India’s only manufacturer of Vitamin D3 and a leading player globally, along with Indchemie, one of the first to launch Vitamin D3 in India as soft gelatin capsules.  


Headquartered in Thane, Maharashtra, Fermenta’s world class manufacturing facilities are located in Dahej, Gujarat and Kullu, Himachal Pradesh with its state-of-the-art R&D centre also based in Thane. Fermenta’s rich legacy of over six decades of expertise and experience in Vitamin D enables it to cater to more than 50 countries across the world.


Commenting on the initiative, Mr Krishna Datla, Managing Director, Fermenta Biotech Limited said:  


“We, at Fermenta, are proud of our Corona Warriors including Maharashtra Police fraternity, who are at the frontline of the battle against COVID-19. Through this initiative, we hope to thank them for their relentless efforts to protect us every day. Now, more than ever, is the time to develop a resilient community and emerge stronger, together.”


Mr M K Singh, Managing Director, Indchemie Health Specialities Private Limited, commented:


“Indchemie is extremely proud to associate with this noble cause. We are extremely happy to partner with Fermenta to enable the Maharashtra Police personnel to build their immunity & combat COVID-19. We take this as an opportunity to express our gratitude to the Police Force, our unsung heroes & our Protectors. Indchemie is proud that our products are helping millions of people, both within the country and abroad, to lead a healthier life.”


Mr Krishna Prakash IPS, Spl. Inspector General of Police (Admn), Maharashtra State, commented: 


“Maharashtra Police highly appreciates this gesture to support our police forces in their daily battle against COVID-19. The Vitamin D provided to us will aid our colleagues to maintain their health, which is a major concern in this pandemic. Once again, we thank Fermenta and Indchemie for enabling us in our collective fight against COVID-19.”


This initiative symbolizes Fermenta’s and Indchemie’s attempt to contribute towards the mammoth task that lies ahead of us, in ensuring the health and immunity of those who are at the forefront of the efforts against COVID-19. Both companies have collaborated to conceptualize and implement this CSR activity, in coordination with the Maharashtra Police force.  


Even as COVID-19 continues to impact the lives of people across the globe, communities are coming together to help one another. Businesses are stepping up to be partners for a sustainable future as they unite with NGOs and governments across the world to support frontline workers. This gesture is a reflection of India Inc.’s corporate citizenship and a reminder of the generosity of our nation’s individuals and organizations, as we continue our shared efforts to keep hope alive in these unprecedented times.


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