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A list of 11 large agriculture CSR projects in India

By Akshay Bhole On 25 May 2017
A list of 11 large agriculture CSR projects in India

1. HDFC Bank

Project Title: Assistance to the Farmer 

HDFC bank provided assistance to farmer in soil and water conservation, water management, construction, renovation and maintenance of water harvesting structures for improving surface and ground water availability, in partnership with the Village Development Committees.

Company rejuvenated existing structures like ponds, wells, and constructed check-dams. This activity has led to not only better agricultural produce but also to an increase in water availability for domestic use and rise in the ground water level.

Project Implemented By: Watershed Organisation Trust, Krushi Vikas Va Gramin Prashikshan Sanstha, Community Advancement & Rural Development Society

Amount spent:  INR 92.78 Cr

Location: Across India


Estimated Impact:

  • Soil and water conservation work has been initiated in 550 acres of land.
  • Other initiative benefitted over 140 farmer families. 65 acres land brought under irrigation for the first time and 45 acres brought under assured irrigation.
  • Soil quality improved in 317hc.of land and reduced soil and water erosion.



2. Bank of Maharashtra 

Project Title: Soil and Water Testing 

The Rural Development Centres at Hadapsar- Pune and have been undertaking various rural developmental activities for the benefit of farmers’ viz. Vermi compost, Re-development of Saline Soils, Soil Testing etc. Bank has established Soil testing lab (STL) through MARDEF Trust at RDC Bhigwan. Farmers from the districts of Pune, Ahmednagar, Solapur and Satara are taking benefit of the lab


A Trust, Mahabank Agricultural Research and Rural Development Foundation (MARDEF) established by the bank, undertakes various projects and village improvement programmes. MARDEF imparted training to farmers on various subjects in Agriculture. Trust has implemented 94 training programmes for farmers at RDC Bhigwan and Hadapsar.


Project Implemented By: Mahabank Agricultual Research & Rural Development Foundation (MARDEF)

Amount spent:  INR 19.36 Cr* (Prescribed )

Location: Maharashtra


Estimated Impact:

The Soil Testing Laboratory has analyzed 7418 Soil and Water samples in the year 2015-16 and accordingly counselling is done. This has helped the farmers in the surrounding area of four districts to know health of their soil & water and to overcome the deficiencies /improve the health of soil. Various activities have benefited 2,363 farmers from April 2015 to March, 2016.


3. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Project Title: Krishi Mitra


Company helped small and marginal farmers by training them in effective farming practices including soil health, crop planning, creating model farms with bio-dynamic farming practices, thereby increasing crop productivity, through the Wardha Family Farming Project, Krishi Mitra and Integrated Watershed Development Project.

The program includes soil testing, advisory services, drip irrigation, community farming, seed culture farming, agri extension services, infrastructure development and capacity building resulting in improvement in agricultural productivity.

Project Implemented By: Swades Foundation, BAIF Development Research Foundation, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth

Amount spent:  INR 5.47 Cr

Location: Raigad - Maharashtra, Sagar, Tikamgarh - Madhya Pradesh, Ajmer, And Alwar – Rajasthan, Others: Mankepada


Estimated Impact:

Kirshi Mitr benefited 49,635 farmers.

4. Cairn India Limited

Project Title: Agricultural Skilling

Cairn India perseveres for holistic development of local community by focusing on farm development. The programme is aimed at increasing incomes of farming community around sites through productivity enhancement of agriculture and livestock.


To address the shortage of skills in agriculture and allied occupations in Barmer, the project created a cadre of entrepreneurial farmers or local youth. At the end of 2015, the first batch of 21 Cairn AgroFellows graduated to start their own enterprise, including dairying, goat farming, mushroom farming, and to work as a field extension workers.


The dairy cooperative programme has been significantly expanded with an increase in daily milk production to 9,500 litres per day with the set-up of five Bulk Milk Coolers.


Project Implemented By: Cairn India Limited (Directly)

Amount spent:  INR 4.72 Cr

Location: Rajasthan, Gujarat 


Estimated Impact:

A total of 476 rain channels (or wadis) have been established, 200 farmers supported through drip irrigation. The project has established more than 240 individual khadins, benefiting some 270 farmers over 600 hectares of land spread across 28 villages. Construction of two community khadins converted 140 hectare of hitherto barren and fallow land into a cultivable land for 74 farm families.



5. The Rural Electrification Corporation Limited

Project Title: Farmer Centric Watershed Management.


Company developed Farmer Centric Watershed Management. The Rural Electrification Corporation Limited, Hyderabad, Telangana, India has supported the ICRISAT-led consortium to develop “Model Sites of Learning” in Mahabubnagar district in Telangana state and Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh with an aim to sustainably increase agricultural productivity and improve the livelihoods of the rural poor in vulnerable rain-fed areas.

A participatory integrated watershed management approach is one of the tested, sustainable, and eco-friendly options available for upgrading rain-fed agriculture for sustainable intensification.

Project Implemented By: Implementing Agencies.

Amount spent:  INR 2.07 Cr

Location: Mahboobnagar and Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana


Estimated Impact:

The project duration is 5 years, 2nd year operation is completed 3rd year operation is under implementation.


6. Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd.

Project Title: Farmer support programme

Adani Foundations CSR wing is engaged in the agricultural and animal husbandry sectors. The Foundation collaborated with the KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kendra) and took 30 farmers from five villages of Mundra on an exposure tour to make them aware about agriculture technologies.


The Foundation, along with 1,050 farmers from 35 villages of Tiroda region, effectively implemented an SRI (System of Rice Intensification). Adani Foundation empowered them with training in low-water, labour-intensive and organic methods. Under its SLD (Sustainable Livelihood Development) programme, Adani Foundation supported farmers by providing each with five kilograms of paddy (Siri NP - 405) seeds and 50 kilograms of vermin compost for taking up SRI. The programme achieved its prime objective of promoting organic methods of paddy cultivation. In the Tiroda region, the SRI method assisted 1,000 farmers in reducing their cultivation costs by 33% and increasing their crop productivities by 51%.


Besides, 1,108 farmers and 5,464 cattle benefitted following the intervention of the Foundation in association with the Animal Husbandry Department for regular vaccinations, first aid, deworming, and infertility treatment drives in 17 villages of the Tiroda region.


Project Implemented By: Adani Foundation

Amount spent:  INR 1.6029 Cr (Some part of it)

Location: Gujarat


Estimated Impact:

Farmer support programme benefited 1,050 acres farmland and thousands of farmer. 


7. Container Corporation of India Limited

Project Title: Assistance to Apple Growing Farmers


In association with The Energy & Resource Institute (TERI) in the state of Himachal Pradesh and other, 360 Apple growing farmers have been provided rain water harvesting tanks including various equipments like anti hail nets, power sprayers, pruners, planting material of high apple yielding varieties, etc. as well as technical training that will help them in increasing their Apple yields .


Project Implemented By: The Energy Resources Institute (TERI)

Amount spent:  INR 1.4 Cr

Location: Kullu, Kinnaur and Shimla, Himachal Pradesh


Estimated Impact:

Nearly 4,500 apple farmers have been benefited from such activities.



8. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Project Title: Seed The rise


Mahindra and Mahindra launched 'Seed the Rise' - a digital crowd funding campaign aimed at supporting Indian farmers who are seeing terrible times due to bad weather and difficult circumstances. Flying Cursor Interactive is the digital agency that has partnered in developing, launching and managing this campaign with the hope to change the narrative around the agricultural sector.

Project Implemented By: Naandi Foundation, K.C. Mahindra Education Trust, Digital Green, Swades Foundation.

Amount spent:  INR 1.05 Cr

Location: Vidarbha, Raigad - Maharashtra


Estimated Impact:

Project helped many farmers in their tough time and supported them in making agricultural advancements.



9.  Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Project Title: Wardha Farmer Family Project (WFFP)


Mahindra & Mahindra launched WFFP in April 2015. This project introduced a new method of agriculture to the farmer. WFFP also helps the farmer to solve the drought issue by implementing drip irrigation which ensures an economic use of water, use of biodynamic techniques which improve soil water retention capacity and ground water levels.


Project Implemented By: Naandi Foundation

Amount spent: 1 Cr

Location: Vidarbha, Maharashtra


Estimated Impact:

WFFP benefited 345 farmers from different villages of Vidarbha (Wardha, Amravati and Akola District)



10. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd 

Project Title: Irrigation support.


Company initiated a project in partnership with IIM Ahmedabad for the Installation of 100 solar water pumps of 5 HP capacities to encourage the use of solar energy by farmers in the villages.


The lack of access to dependable pumping solutions hampers livelihood improvements throughout rural India, but solar water pumps are emerging as both a reliable and clean energy solution. The amount of solar power needed depends on the specific water table depth of a farm; the further the water is from the ground, the more power would be needed to pump that water up for irrigation. This in turn depends on the geography of a particular region,

Project Implemented By: IIM Ahmedabad

Amount spent:  INR 0.237 Cr

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Estimated Impact:

Solar water pumped helped the farmers in energy optimization, better use of water resources and keep productivity high.



11. Numaligarh Refinery Ltd

Project Title: Farmers First


Numaligarh provided assistance to farmers of nearby localities for traditional & alternate farming by way of providing fertilizers, seeds, tractorization support etc.


The community leaders of village Ponka situated 1km from the refinery were desperate to help 175 cultivators increase their annual agricultural income. Opportunity came in the form of NRL’s offer to promote multiple cropping, and all the cultivators were included in the list of beneficiaries.

Project Implemented By: State Government

Amount spent: 0.2025

Location: Golaghat, Assam  

Estimated Impact:

  • The yield of farmers using System of Rice Intensification technique has increased manifolds.
  • Each benefi ciary received 1½ kg mustard seeds and 3 kg pea seeds to help augment their income from rain dependent paddy.
  • Cultivation of edible mushrooms in Golaghat district. This has benefi tted around 1,500 grassroots-level Self Help Group (SHG) beneficiaries. During 2015-16, ten SHGs comprising 72 women were actively involved. They produced 700 kg of mushroom that fiscal
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