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AGI glaspac helping underprivileged families during Covid-19 Crisis

By AGI On 23 April 2020
AGI glaspac helping underprivileged families during Covid-19 Crisis

AGI glaspac, a 47 year old manufacturing company distributed essential commodities to each of the underprivileged family from the areas around its factory. The company distributed essential commodities to 1100 families

Commodities were:

  • 5 kgs Rice
  • 5 kgs Aata
  • 1 kg Dal
  • 1 kg Oil

It was distributed by Sri Madavaram Krishna Rao Garu, Kukatpally MLA., and HSIL, AGI glaspac President Sri Rajesh Khosla. Please find attached pictures for the same.

About AGI glaspac:
The Packaging Products Division of HSIL Ltd., AGI glasspac (better known as AGI) was established in the year 1972 and is one of the leading container glass manufacturer in the country. Engaged in the manufacture of high quality glass containers to meet the stringent and demanding quality standards of the packaging needs of the Food, Pharmaceuticals, Soft Drinks, Spirits, Beer, Wine and other industries, AGI has 2 state of the art facilities, one in Hyderabad and the other in Bhongir, Telangana. With in-house Design Studio, Mold Manufacturing, and ACL (Applied Ceramic Labeling) facilities, AGI has fully integrated operations, which enables the manufacture of quality products and ensuring timely deliveries. With Hyderabad and Bhongir facilities put together, AGI melts around 1600 tonnes of glass per day. ith four furnaces, AGI can commit availability of Flint, Amber and Green glass throughout the year.  Apart from the host of the multinationals who comprise a part of AGI’s Indian market, it also has a large customer base in North America, Europe, Africa as well as APAC regions.

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