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Chaudhary Foundation responds to the COVID 19 Pandemic by supporting the Nepal Government

By CSRBOX On 21 April 2020
Chaudhary Foundation responds to the COVID 19 Pandemic by supporting the Nepal Government

As the world witnesses the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spread across the globe at an unprecedented rate; CG Foundation, the CSR arm of the first billion-dollar conglomerate based out of Nepal- CG Corp Global; is dedicated to utilizing its business resources and global expertise to help the people of the nation. The Foundation has been working tirelessly since the pandemic breakout to address the most critical issue in Nepal-the medical infrastructure.

equipment and gears for the medical staff, front line worriers, ill residents and the vulnerable people of the country; the foundation is working relentlessly to not only procure material but is also taking the ownership of ensuring the materials reach its correct audience.


As a part of its 3 phase initiative to respond to the pandemic, the first phase saw the foundation distribute medical supplies including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and treatment supplies to 48 Centers in seven provinces.


As they moved on to the second phase, the biggest challenge the government was facing was testing kits. The PCR Reagents and N-95 masks were not easily available and thus through their global contacts, the foundation managed to procure and hand over 1000 PCR Reagent (COVID-19 testing kit) to the government. Amid a function organized at Ministry of Health, the kits were given to Health Minister Bhanubhakta Dhakal.


Furthermore, the third phase saw the foundation focus on the high risk zones of the country. Having detected 3 high risk Provinces in Nepal basis the return of large number of immigrants from India, the Foundation distributed protective gears to these areas. Medical equipment such as N95 masks, sanitizer and Personal Protective Equipment were handed over to the Chief Ministers of the respective provinces for distribution.


The Chairman of CG Corp Global and the head of Chaudhary Foundation, Mr. Binod Chaudhary who is a highly respected philanthropist in Nepal known for his historic contribution in rebuilding Nepal during the 2015 earth quake stated “Due to acute shortage of necessary medical equipment and infrastructure in the health sector, we cannot deal with this pandemic without strong collaboration with the government,” he stressed.


“Our endeavors have been receiving huge support from provincial governments. We are thankful to the Chief Ministers for being sensitive to the crisis and coordinating with us. So far the Foundation has already provided around 1000 PPE to various hospitals. Furthermore we have also provided 1000testing kits, 1000 personal protective gears and 1000 N95 masks to the provincial governments and their dedicated hospitals. I believe that the PCR Reagents we provided will speed up coronavirus detection in the country. “, he added.

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