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Dell foundation invests ₹22 crore to improve learning of needy students

By Livemint On 20 November 2020
Dell foundation invests ₹22 crore to improve learning of needy students

The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation in India Tuesday announced that it is funding ₹22 crore to the education nonprofit "Teach for India" for improving the learning outcome of underprivileged students in select cities who have suffered due to school closures.


The Teach for India, will use the grants for offering technology support, mentorship, promote blended learning model to help targeted needy students overcome the loss in learning due to closure of schools because of the pandemic-induced lockdown.


“Over the last few months, we have worked closely with our partners to ensure children do not experience a disruption in learning. One key learning we’ve had is that lack of access to a device can be the biggest hindrance to e-learning. Teach For India’s model of device sharing among neighbourhood children or helping children borrow one from the library is the perfect model to continue the momentum," said Prachi Windlass, director, India programs, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.


“We are working in Haryana, Rajasthan and Himachal on education outcome of needy students. This funding is separate, and Teach for India has a focused target. In the first year, we are targeting to help reduce the learning loss and try to bring them back to pre-covid situation. The second year will look to add one and half hour of extra learning time beyond school hours, and the year after, two and half hours of extra learning to improve the overall standard of the targeted students," Windlass said over a video call.


Data collected from the 32,000 students that Teach For India serves highlights that 46% of the students do not have a reliable device to learn on, 20% of the students have migrated while 35% of them required financial and food relief during the lockdown. Various experts believe that technology can play a significant role in addressing this challenge when guided by well-motivated teachers and mentors.


Focused on students in the class VI-X grades, the collaboration will help the education non-profit in the procurement and distribution of at least 3,000 tablets across Mumbai, Delhi and Pune, helping students gain access to learning, said Shaheen Mistri, founder of Teach for India.


This is the second time Dell Foundation is funding the nonprofit. The first time was when they were established over a decade back. The shared device model and involvement of mentors has been a positive model from Teach for India, and the present funding will help the cause more, when access to education is largely driven by technology adoption, e-content, blended learning to optimize online learning in schools.


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