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Diversity and Inclusion at the Workplace-A Shift Towards Inclusion

By CSRBOX Desk On 14 June 2017

Diversity is about more than quotas. It strengthens the heart of an organization--producing fresh perspectives, opening new markets and solidifying connections with the surrounding community. In one study, corporations that promoted diverse individuals into leadership roles improved their return on equity by nearly 50 percent.

Diversity in the workplace typically centers on traits like race, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation, but other dimensions are equally important. Companies produce better results when they recruit, retain and develop employees with different communication styles, work styles, geographic origins, socioeconomic roles and organizational experience. However,

Creating an inclusive workplace fosters a variety of talents that increase productivity and keep companies on the forefront of innovation. The success of the inclusive workplace, however, hinges on the ability of business owners and managers to correctly identify the strengths, weaknesses, and unique talents of each employee. This managerial ability becomes even more important when the employee has a disability.


How diversity can help your businesses

Equal employment opportunity is the fundamental essence of the workplace-related diversity. There are numerous advantages of diversity in the workplace. These advantages are shared by both the employers and the employees.

  • One of the main benefits of diversity in workplace is the increase in productivity. It boosts up the bottom line profits and helps in establishing long-term relationships between the employers and the associates.
  • It help gaining new insights about the changing face of our cities the trend of hiring multi-cultural communities by the employers has changed the face of most of the US cities. Most of the US cities were the pictures of the whites and the blacks even a few generations ago. Now, they serve as the attractor for large number of people all across the world. This phenomenon has benefited the business to greater extent.
  • Diversity in business is also known to minimize the chances of lawsuits against the employers. It enhances marketing prospects, creativity, corporate image of the business organization and recruitment options.
  • Diversity helps to be ahead of your competitors, the success of an organization largely depends on competitiveness. The organizations - be it business or educational - can only go high flying if they take competitiveness in due Consideration. These organizations require diversity friendly environment to be ahead of their competitors. One of the benefits that the organizations can achieve through diversity-enabled competitiveness includes a broader service range. It makes you stand far ahead of your competitors. You can achieve effective customer services with the help of linguistic and cultural diversity. This phenomenon can help to give your business a global recognition.

Inclusion tips to Apply In your Workplaces

So here are some simple inclusion tips that you can easily put into practice. Apply these tips and the people around you will feel good about working with you and will want to work more with you in the future...

  • In order to create a working culture of inclusion, respect and opportunity for all, it is essential that everyone in the organization, from senior management to the most junior staff, is engaged with and involved in the process of creating this culture, and feels that their opinions and experiences are valued. Measures to promote inclusive working need to be thought of positively among employees, not as something that is ‘done’ to them. There are several things to think about in this respect.
  • Ask people in a meeting for their individual opinions and facilitate the session so people get to express their true feelings without being shut down or refuted. When a task force is assembled to tackle a problem, make
  • Creating strategic alignment in and deployment of this activity at all levels within the workforce.

As we encourage diversity of thought, we must continually enhance a strategy of inclusion that supports individual contribution, both in decision-making and in airing dissenting views. This approach allows and encourages everyone in the organization to feel they are an important part of organizational collective success, as well as feeling they have a sense of ownership in the outcome of organizational goals and objectives.

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