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EverydayAbility celebrates equal opportunity for Persons with Disability through an inclusive wheelchair cricket at Bengaluru

By CSRBOX On 04 March 2019
EverydayAbility celebrates equal opportunity for Persons with Disability through an inclusive wheelchair cricket at Bengaluru

As a part of its #EverydayAbility CSR initiative, Firefox Bikes hosted an inclusive wheelchair-cricket match event in RKR Sports Ground, Huskur, Gulimangala, Bengaluru that demonstrated the capability of wheelchair bound Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) to perform physical tasks in competitive settings. The matches were played in mixed teams where wheelchair bound persons played with abled bodied persons including Firefox bikers and volunteers from Colleges & Corporate Houses.

Before this, #EverydayAbility (www.everydayability.org) had hosted a game of blind football in Kolkata that saw the participation of visually impaired and sighted players under the overarching theme of inclusivity for People with Disabilities. In its second edition this financial year, Bengaluru event is the final #EverydayAbility event from Firefox Bikes after Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kolkata.

Speaking on the occasion, Aditya Munjal said, “This year, the #EverydayAbility campaign saw some brilliant action from Persons with Disability community across the country. Their ability to perform adventure sports, which requires both physical and mental skill, determination and endurance, showcases that they would prove to be assets for organizations if given an opportunity to serve in their workforce.”

He further added, “With #EverydayAbility campaign, Firefox Bikes is making a humble contribution to break stereotypes and nudge the industry to have more inclusive workplaces.”

Conceptualized by Volunteer4India in collaboration with Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation, #EverydayAbility initiative fosters the prime motive of breaking the stereotypes in the work culture and demonstrates inclusivity and equal opportunities. Volunteer4India is a Social Enterprise. It builds outreach, affinity and advocacy for Brands around Social Good using an ecosystem of volunteers, social organizations and communication partners.

Given this exposure and approach to #EverydayAbility, Firefox Bikes is committed to bring this alive into their internal eco-system, and with the help of VOLUNTEER4INDIA and ABBF, is short-listing candidates for employment. This inclusive recruitment at workplace will now drive its Human Resource policies and principles.

About #EverydayAbility campaign

Firefox Bikes, focused at bringing adventure and sports closer to urban Indian audiences, champions “Everyday Adventure” that encourages people to explore the world of adventure by helping them sample it within urban spaces. The Brand fuels adrenaline within all and lends a sense of high in day-to-day life, getting the users ready for spontaneous, unplanned thrills. To bring this positioning alive through its CSR program, Firefox Bikes and Volunteer4India formed a collaborative initiative, #EverydayAbility, aimed to demonstrate that adventure is for all - an inclusive initiative which hopes to build an ecosystem grounded in the principles of dialogue, acceptance, and equality of all. This is brought alive through an association with Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF), a not-for-profit organization that promotes inclusivity. The collaboration is committed to dispelling misconceptions surrounding Persons with Disability (PwDs), proving that disability is not an impediment to adventure or Sports. Through a series of inclusive adventure events hosted in seven cities across India, the campaign hoped to facilitate both systemic and individual change – inclusive workspaces for PwDs while simultaneously fostering attitudinal change via conversations that shatter stereotypes. Inclusivity was demonstrated through participation of PwDs in each city along with able-bodied volunteers from Firefox Bikes’ local riding groups, Corporate employees, and student volunteers from prominent colleges & universities from each city.

About Firefox Bikes

Firefox bikes has introduced India to premium cycling experience. It is not so long ago that the brand came into existence, but it has taken Indian consumers by storm in a short period of time. It has the full spectrum of mountain, all-terrain, road, BMX and kids’ bikes. It has got over 70 models selling across a combination of its owned Firefox Bike Stations and franchisee stores spread across the country.

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