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HDFC Bank Parivartan Transforms 12.3 million Lives in Uttar Pradesh

By Rural, Transformation, CSR On 20 February 2021
HDFC Bank Parivartan Transforms 12.3 million Lives in Uttar Pradesh

HDFC Bank today released #Parivartan Impact Report for the state of Uttar Pradesh. The #Parivartan Report showcases the initiatives undertaken by the bank as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility in the state.

HDFC Bank #Parivartan, the umbrella brand for all social responsibility initiatives undertaken by the bank, has transformed the lives of more than 12.3 million individuals in 16 districts; 111 villages of Uttar Pradesh.

At a function organised in the city, the #Parivartan Impact Report for Uttar Pradesh was released by Mr Akhilesh Kumar Roy, Branch Banking Head – Uttar Pradesh, HDFC Bank and CSR State Head Mr Arvind Singh, HDFC Bank in the presence of other senior bank officials.

“We are delighted to release the #Parivartan state report for Uttar Pradesh,” said Ms. Nusrat Pathan, Head – Corporate Social Responsibility, HDFC Bank. “Sustainable Development happens when there is a commitment to creating change over a long time frame. We firmly believe that the Bank has to stand shoulder to shoulder with all stakeholders in the society to make a difference. We cannot make a difference alone, but together we can definitely bring #Parivartan.”

“In Uttar Pradesh, we are committed to not only providing the full suite of products and services for our customers, but also work towards making meaningful change in the lives of individuals and households in the state. Under the aegis of Parivartan, the bank distributed approximately 5,000 thermal scanners to health department in the state to strengthen their efforts against Covid-19. Further, the bank has also set up 50 digital classrooms in Government Schools in the state,” said Mr Akhilesh Kumar Roy, Branch Banking Head – Uttar Pradesh, HDFC Bank. “The report showcases the work done by the Bank in the state across the various pillars under #Parivartan.”

As part of HDFC Bank #Parivartan, a thorough assessment of the village is carried out to understand its developmental needs. To address these needs in a sustainable and effective manner, the Bank creates long-term solutions in partnership with an NGO and the local community including small farmers, youth, landless labourers, children, and women.

Nationally, in FY 2019-20, the bank spent Rs 535 crore towards HDFC Bank #Parivartan. As of Dec 31, 2020, the bank has so far covered more than 81 million individuals across the country.



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