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HDFC to set up O2 plants, Covid beds

By Times of India On 10 June 2021
HDFC to set up O2 plants, Covid beds

HDFC has committed an initial amount of Rs 40 crore from its budget to support the battle against and has promised to increase this commitment over the next two quarters, based on need. Last year, the corporation had contributed Rs 80 crore toward Covid relief. The Covid initiatives are being undertaken through its philanthropic arm.


HDFC has partnered with government and charitable hospitals for healthcare initiatives to support long-term health infrastructure. These initiatives include direct procurement and distribution of 80 high-quality ICU in Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The corporation has undertaken to set up 10 to meet the demands of hospitals in a sustainable manner in six states.


In addition, it will expand the existing hospital bed capacity for at least five Covid extension hospitals with a 50-100 incremental bed capacity. It is providing meals to 15,000 across New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Kolkata and will increase the number to 25,000 workers over the next few months.


Besides this, HDFC is responding to on-ground, local needs by providing essential medical equipment, ambulances, and medical consumables in hard-to-reach geographies in the northeast and rural districts. “The severity of the second wave and the resultant health crisis is different this time around. It is critical that we strike a balance to address immediate needs for healthcare and longer-term needs for supporting livelihoods and building a more resilient health infrastructure in the country.”

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