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ITC Limited spends INR 59.28 crores under its Well being out of Waste (WoW) programme in the FY 2017-18

By CSRBOX On 27 September 2019
ITC Limited spends INR 59.28 crores under its Well being out of Waste (WoW) programme in the FY 2017-18

ITC Limited is a big name amongst the multinational companies in India. It is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. Its business forum is spread across various dimensions like Hotels, Cigarettes, Packaging, Agri-business, Paperboards & speciality papers, Information Technology, Packaged Food, Personal care items, Apparel, Stationary and Safety Machines. The company has maintained a good balance between meeting its commercial targets and contributing towards the upliftment of the society.

ITC Ltd aims to achieve the twin goal of inclusive growth and sustainable development. The company through its carefully and strategically designed models of growth has already made a mark in the commercial market but also has catered to the polishing of the social capital of the country. It is equally motivated to contribute to the social, environmental and economical capital of the nation. Looking beyond the short term developments and at the larger social goal has always made the journey of the company citing example. The company has successfully made an impactful contribution in creation of livelihood in the nation.

The company has shown its sense of social responsibility in initiating various solid waste management programs. The urban areas of India are a big contributor of solid waste. Surveys say that about 49.34 million tonnes of municipal solid waste is generated on an average by the Indian metros. A high percentage of it is deposited as landfills, open dumping grounds, drains and water bodies. Thus contaminating the source of natural water in the country. These landfills are posing serious health as well as environmental hazards. Understanding the graveness of the situation ITC has spread its wings in treating the social problem. Waste management is an area in which ITC has worked extensively. The company has employed the principle of circular economy to deal efficiently with municipal solid waste. Under this, the wastes are carefully segregated, collected and re-cycled or re-used. Wellbeing Out of Waste (WOW) is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that has gained immense popularity and success in the urban areas of the country. The company is scaling up its work to contribute to greener India and accomplish the country’s Swatch Barat Mission.

The company has carried out the WOW program by collaborating with the municipalities across numerous corners of the country. An amount of 59.28 crore is assigned in the project. It has changed areas which once used to look no more than just dumping grounds. As the stepping stone to this program, the program creates awareness among public and residents regarding the seriousness of the present environmental standards and further the importance of minimising waste generation. It enlightens households to segregate wastes into dry wastes and wet wastes (bio degradable). Households segregating the waste matter at time of disposal reduce the effort and speeds up the process of waste management to a great extend. The households were provided either separate coloured waste buckets or bags for the purpose. It has extended support to various municipalities to efficiently collect the segregated wastes from the households. The dry waste is then sorted and heaped in separate lots depending upon its nature; be it glass, metals, paper and plastic; in the Dry Resource Collection Centre. The wet wastes are treated and processed into compost which could be further utilised to elevate the quality of soil. The WOW program has massively impacted areas such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Bangalore and Muzafarpur. Approximately 50196 tonnes of dry wastes have been collected from 562 wards during the year.

The WOW program has been carried out in a very unique way. Swachh Doots were assigned to pay a door to door visit in order to educate households regarding the importance of waste segregation. The waste workers were rigorously trained through training programs to carry out their task efficiently. Various school campaigns were carried out to enlighten students and young minds to make it a habit to be environmentally responsible. Various street plays and programs were conducted in numerous parts of the country to spread awareness on a large scale. The entire operation of WOW is carried out in collaboration and association with the households, waste workers, municipal corporations, Dry Resource Collection Centre & Large Scale Waste Aggregators, Recyclers & Processors and the society at large.

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