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ITC Limited spends INR 9.24 crore towards Afforestation initiatives under its CSR Projects

By CSRBOX On 09 October 2019
ITC Limited spends INR 9.24 crore towards Afforestation initiatives under its CSR Projects

ITC Ltd is a heterogeneous business player with its operational wings spread across fast moving consumer goods like personal care items, food, cigars & cigarettes, apparel, sanitisation & education products, incense sticks, paperboards & packaging, hotels, agri-business and information technology. The company started its operation in August 1910 and ever since its journey has been a path showing one. The private enterprise is well known and accredited to be a company which focuses highly on the aspect of nation building. ITC visions to bring about inclusive growth and sustainable development. To carry out the process ITC have designed unique business models to serve not only the long term share holders but also to develop social dimensions. ITC aims to carry out the social development process by following its “triple bottom line” approach by catering to the environmental, economical and social need of the country. ITC has always involved itself with various rural communities and numerous institutions to contribute positively to the productivity in the rural areas and expanding the resource base.

The company works to line its corporate social responsibility programs with the needs of the communities and looks into the fact that the work is directed towards enhancing the outcome.  The company has implemented the CSR programs mainly within the boundary of the operational units of the firm. This is mainly done to introspect and look closely into the aimed development process and ensure long term sustainability. The company aims to eradicate challenges especially in rural India through strategic interventions. The company invests a substantial amount in the research & development of farm and agricultural practise to enhance the quality of soil and watershed management, conserve the forest resources and economically empower women. The company laid special emphasis on conserving and protecting environmental standards of the country.

ITC Ltd’s Afforestation Initiative is in line with its aim to support the farmers. The program has spread its wings in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. An amount of 9.24 crore was budgeted to carry out the CSR program. It is showing light across farmers in 17 districts and 6 states. Over 109000 economically weak households have benefitted from the initiative. It has positively affected over 6.83 lakhs acres of land and created 124 million person days of employment. The condition of most of the members of the farming class is worth introspection. Many farmers own acres of lands whose quality is not suitable to grow high quality corps. The farmers with limited capability face immense difficulty to sustain their livelihood. Many do not even possess the minimum capital to elevate the quality of soil. Thus they get trapped in a circle of debt and poverty. The initiative of ITC to green more than 734,000 acres of land was aimed to support, motivate and sustain the farmers. The afforestation program targeted to extend support to farmers to change the nature of their land resource from being unproductive to profit making pulpwood plantation. The methodology employed was to utilise clonal sapling, especially developed by the R&D department of the company, capable of withstanding extreme harsh conditions. The farmers motivated to form Forestry Groups were extended Social Forestry Program support in which they were empowered to get bank loans, subsidised clonal stock and technical training & support. The scheduled caste and scheduled tribes benefitted from the program radically. For the farmers possessing certain substantial economical resource Farm Forestry Program was designed under which they could carry out pulpwood plantation.

The Afforestation Program was designed to cater to the requirements of various groups of farmers. It had provisions for small farmers enabling them to earn livelihood sustainable enough from unproductive land resource. The Social and Agro Forestry targeted the economically disadvantageous and marginalised farmers who own very small unproductive lands. They were channelled to Social Forestry Groups and were extended assistance. Through the Farm Forestry Program the farmers with certain economical capacity were shown economical and environmental land utilising ways. The company has build vigorous community organisations with the aim to extend financial and technical support and educating farmers to purchase quality inputs in bulk quantity and employing land clearing tools. The clonal development program elevated productivity to almost 6 times as before.

The massive program has additionally created carbon sinks for controlling the adverse effect of climate change. The company has future goals of promoting 20000 acres of land under agro forestry program in Malkangiri and Sukma districts.

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