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Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) spends INR 80 crores under its CSR projects focusing on Skill Development & Education

By CSRBOX On 09 September 2019
Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL) spends INR 80 crores under its CSR projects focusing on Skill Development & Education

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is a forerunner in the batch of the numerous oil and gas companies in India. Founded in the year 1959, the Indian state government-owned enterprise is the largest oil company in the country. It is a trusted name catering to the fuel requirement of various sections of the society. Over the span of 60 years, Indian Oil has successfully captured almost half of the market share of petroleum products like kerosene, diesel, petrol and LPG in India. Indian Oil possesses and is in charge of the operations of 11 out of 23 refineries in the country. Indian Oil has a massive cross country pipeline webbing of over 13000 km. The operation of the company unrolls across a wide spectrum. It includes extraction of crude oil and gas, transfer of crude oil to the refineries, pipeline transportation and promotion of the wide range of products like petrochemicals, natural gas and petroleum spin-off. The secret behind the smooth running of the massive work culture finds its root in the constant technological upgradation, rigorous R&D and adoption of the best global techniques.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is vigorously involved in a wide realm of beneficial social escalation activities across India. Its key Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encompasses areas such as healthcare & sanitation, education & skill development and emancipation of women & socially weaker sections. The CSR projects of Indian Oil was undertaken mainly to uplift the standard of living of the various marginalised sections of the society.

The Skill Development Institute in Bhubaneswar (SDI-B) at Odisha is a fine example of a CSR initiative by Indian Oil. Established on 9th of May 2016, the institution was conceived to uplift the artistry of the unskilled workers and enlighten the unemployed youth with the desired skill. The aim of the project was to provide assistance to the underprivileged youth of Odisha and make them capable enough to find a place in the industry.  SDI-B commenced its function in two fields namely Welder and Industrial Electrician. The rise in the demand of competent human capital led to the launch of 6 other courses namely Computer Data Application (specifically for girls), Instrumentation Technician, Fitter Fabrication, Pipe Fitter (city gas distribution), LGP Mechanic and Solar PV installation. The courses take about 3 to 6 months for completion. Approximately 240 students are getting qualified in every batch. Since the commencement of the project around 810 less privileged youth has got enlightened and certified with the percentage of placement being 85%. The permanent campus of SDI-B has been inaugurated in Taraboi, Jatni, at Odisha on 18th March 2018. With technical assistance from National Skill Development Corporation, it is sure to reach great heights. SDI-B is capable of training around 3000-4000 youth in fields specific to hydrocarbon trade every year. An approximate amount of 77.09 Cr has been spent to carry out the project.

Indian Oil Sports Scholarship Scheme is another CSR by the company. Indian Oil has been intricately involved in the domain of sports in the country. It has been working for over 30 years to aware, encourage and uplift the scope of sports in India. In accordance with the sports policy penned in 1985, the company has absorbed numerous sports personalities. The opportunity has enabled the sportspersons to excel in their chosen discipline. The aim of recruiting the sportspersons have been 3 fold: to tap and nourish the talent at an early stage, uplift their execution in the International & National level competitions and finally, win laurels for the country and company. In the year 2006-07 Indian Oil had launched a scholarship program for young enthusiastic sports personals representing their States in group games and Nation at higher levels. The scheme commenced with 55 grants in 7 games. The number has now risen to 250 scholarships in 20 sports like chess, cricket and carom. The grant is awarded for 3 years to personals in the age group of 13 to 16 years in two categories namely “Scholar” (amounting to 12000-160000) and “Elite Scholar” (amounting to 15000-19000). Additional assistance is provided for sports kit, travel and lodging for Scholars. Since the commencement of the program around 900 sportspersons have been benefited. Last year saw 103 sports personals benefiting from the programme. Around 1.35 Cr has been allocated for the program till now.

The CSR programs spread across the entire nation has benefitted a massive population of people. It is likely to provide assistance and support to upcoming enthusiastic in the future too.

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