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Infosys Limited spends over INR 18 crores under its CSR initiatives; focuses on healthcare & relief programs

By CSRBOX On 19 September 2019
Infosys Limited spends over INR 18 crores under its CSR initiatives; focuses on healthcare & relief programs



Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational corporation known for its information technology and outsourcing services. With its headquarters set in Bangalore, Karnataka, Infosys stands as one of the giants of the information technology stream. It stands as the second largest Indian IT company as per the revenue after Tata Consultancy Services and is placed at 596th rank when it comes to largest public company in the world. As of 29th March 2019, Infosys has over $46.52 billion market capitalisation. It is also regarded in the A- by the Standard and Poor’s credit rating.

Being one of the biggest companies and corporates in the world, the onus is always on the company to offer valuable contribution to the very society that they happen to live in. Infosys remarkably is well ahead in this regard having been a major voice for CSR implementation and functioning. Infosys via its foundation and more helps facilitate and develop the society right from the very grass roots with its initiative. And with it they are supported with equally impressive hands that allows for better functioning and helping out.


Infosys as part of their CSR implementation performs different growth campaigns, relief programs, skill development initiative and much more. One such vital project under their tutelage is the ‘Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology’. They have contributed towards the development of this cancer treatment hospital which lies in Karnataka. If you were to look closely towards the CSR initiatives of Infosys you will happen to see multiple support and contribution towards cancer treatment and speciality care. It’s impressive to see a company of such level take this matter seriously and look to support the masses for it. This particular purpose revolves around providing improved hospital infrastructure, surgery programs, prolonged healthcare awareness campaigns and proper rehabilitation care. This campaign is implemented via the implementing partners on behalf of Infosys foundation. Infosys has spent over 7.93 crore for the said support of Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology. The nation as a whole has seen major cases of cancer patients arising and the treatment calibre was not up to the highest standard as it should be. But with the initiation from such names like Infosys, cancer treatment is well stipulated and can be conducted with ease. Much of the allied fears that finding a good treatment for cancer is nonexistent can be laid down now that one can avail highest order of treatment and care for themselves.

Another known CSR initiative on part of Infosys is the relief programs to Martyrs’ families. Much of what this nation owes goes down to the great men who fought for us amidst all the trying circumstances. These men who put down their life serving the nation and protecting those who are within it are one of the greatest gallantry acts of all time. Time and again the news of major setbacks and attacks come forth and many achieve martyrdom whilst dealing those threats. It’s always the families and leftover who tend to suffer once an army has martyred. The lives of families of the martyrs are severely affected. In a bid to uplift their life and to facilitate the well being, Infosys runs relief programs for the Martyrs’ families. They provide them with the vocational training, skill-based guidance, technical knowledge and also provided them with the job opportunities so once they have completed the training they can partake into the social living with their head held high. Their motive remains to allow the war veterans and war widows feel uplifted and socially able. They provide reliefs to the armed forces and more. Their CSR module has prioritised this aspect also as a major field of work something that is exemplary for others to follow. Infosys relief program for martyrs’ families runs across PAN-India. They have already spent over 10.1 crore rupees in this field till date.

Infosys stands tall as one of the biggest names in the Indian corporate world and their stance and valuation prove the same. But it’s not just the core work of Infosys that is making them a due diligence company. It’s down to their proactive role in the CSR field and implementation of multiple trainings, reliefs, welfare-based programs and more that is set to uplift the social quotient and benefit.

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