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List of 10 Preventive Care CSR projects in Health sector in India

By Akshay Bhole On 11 May 2017
List of 10 Preventive Care CSR projects in Health sector in India

Identification and minimization of disease risk factors, existing disease development/ improvement and early detection of disease through screening are a few important elements of preventive healthcare. Preventive healthcare landscape is rapidly in changing in India with development of new devices, introduction of technologies and expanding e-health business. 

Businesses play a vital role in healthcare ecosystem in India as they spend a substantial amount of their CSR budget on healthcare projects. Here we look at a few big preventive healthcare interventions in CSR in 2015-16.


1. Apollo Tyres

Project Details: HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention Programme.

Implementation By: Implementing Agencies.

Amount spent:  INR 4.48 Cr.

Location: Across India.

Apollo tyres have a comprehensive preventive programme on HIVā€AIDS.

The company has targeted interventions at 25 Health Care Centres in transport hubs focusing on truck drivers, commercial sex workers, and migrant labour in that location. The Centres offer a spectrum of services i.e. Behaviour Change Communication (BCC), Sexually Transmitted Infection Treatment (STI,) Counselling, Peer education programme, Condom Promotion, Integrated Counselling and Testing centre support, Substance abuse integration. 

The main reason to focused trucking community is their nomadic lives, high-pressure job and long absence from their homes, a high risk group due to a lifestyle which exposes them to various sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

Estimated Impact:

During this programme Apollo CSR wing reached out to 3,84,186 people. 62,403 people, including truck drivers and allied population, were treated. 53,648 were counselled for HIVAIDS. In all 13,052 HIV tests were carried out, of which 83 tested positive.



Project Details: Reduce the child mortality

Implementation By: Save the children


Amount spent: INR 4.00 Cr

Location: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu

With save the children Nokia India built resilience of children and their communities in India through Disaster Risk Reduction and Social Protection with Technological Innovation. Nokia India implemented project in 150 villages of above five states.

The other aspect of this program is the unique technology innovation from Nokia - a LTE-based Network-in-a-box (NIB) solution for Public Safety Mobile Broadband. It is a system in which the main mobile network functions are integrated into a small ‘box’ and can be deployed during disaster in case the main operator run-network is impacted, to enable communication between early respondents and task forces. Additionally, information and communication technology will also be provided to help track the distribution of entitlements under various social protection schemes to the communities in these villages.

Estimated Impact:

The program will cover 350 villages and touch the lives of close to 1.1 million community members including 350,000 children from 2015-16.


3. Lupin Ltd

Project Details: Anti-TB campaign

Implementation By: Lupin Human Welfare & Research Foundation

Amount spent:  INR 2.89 Cr

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

TB is a contagious and airborne disease, and ranks as the 2nd leading cause of death from a single infectious agent, after the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The incidence of TB has been steadily increasing in the country, with India having the highest burden of TB in the world; that’s why Lupin took preventive step against TB.

Company planned to conduct one camp every quarter resulting in a total of 600 camps across Mumbai District in a year. The primary aim would be to enhance awareness and ensure prevention of TB.

Estimated Impact:

This preventive initiative focused on detection, creating awareness and control of the TB in Mumbai.


4. Marico Ltd.

Project Details: Protect her Heart

Implementation By: Direct

Amount spent:  INR 3.44 Cr

Location: Across India

Saffola’s vision is to create a Heart Healthy India! In 2015, Marico committed to the cause of Women’s Heart Health through its campaign ‘Protect her Heart’.

Over the years there is an increase in the number of 30+ women who suffer from deadly heart problems. All these problems arise due to lack of exercise, stress, high blood pressure, cholesterol. Saffola (Marico Ltd) is on the mission to spread Heart Care movement everywhere. They are focusing on women’s heart health via their campaign ‘Protect Her Heart’. The reason behind this preventive campaign protect mother from getting heart disease. Heart fitness test also have been taken by company under this initiative.

Estimated Impact:

Marico helped lakhs of people over 90 cities with help of ‘Heart Age Finder’, and ‘Heart Fitness Test’, which helped people assess their Heart Health on the basis of their fitness parameters. Over 46,000 Heart Fitness Tests have been taken till date.


5. Dr. Reddy’s

Project Details: Community health intervention program in maternal and child health

Implementation By: Nice Foundation

Amount spent:  INR 2.22 Cr

Location: Jinnaram Manglobaladddal Medak District, Telangana

India accounts for nearly 20% of the world’s maternal deaths, with a pregnant mother dying every 5 minutes. This grim situation can be explained by the fact that basic life saving medical care and healthcare professionals are often unavailable to women giving birth particularly in rural areas. More than half a million women die every year during child birth or pregnancy and most of these deaths are preventable.

The Company is dedicated to improving maternal health and combating infant and child mortality. With an in-depth experience of working for well-being of newborns, tribal’s and schools, the NICE foundation brings strengths of high clinical and preventive expertise and the need for preventive approaches and cultural dimensions of maternal and child health problems.

Estimated Impact:

Large number of pregnancy outcomes has been monitored. Besides this, there are numerous potential women who are monitored closely under the age group of 12-49 years.

6. Dabur India Ltd.

Project Details: Dengue Fighter initiative

Implementation By: Direct

Amount spent:  INR 2.26 Cr

Location: Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, TamilNadu


Dabur launched a mega initiative christened Dengue Fighter, which was aimed at preventing school-going children across Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka from falling prey to the deadly mosquito-borne disease Dengue.


Under this initiative, aimed at equipping children with knowledge about Dengue and turning them into Dengue-

Fighters, healthcare professionals from leading hospital chains were engaged to visit schools and educate students, teachers as well as parents about effective prevention from Dengue. Schools across these cities will also be ranked and rated on the basis of the Dengue prevention measures implemented by them, and a Dengue Report Card of each city prepared


A special Audio Visual has been developed to spread the message among kids and educate them about how mosquitoes breed and the effective measures to be taken to prevent this.


Estimated Impact:

Under this initiative, Dabur reached out to over 700,000 students and 40,000 teachers across India. Schools were encouraged to implement measures to prevent mosquito breeding and spread of mosquito borne diseases.


7. UltraTech Cement

Project Details: Preventive Health Care

Implementation By: Direct

Amount spent:  INR 2.15 Cr

Location: Across India

Mother and child health care (ante natal care, pre natal care and neonatal care), adolescent health care, infant and child health (healthy baby competition), support to family planning /camps, Nutritional programs for mother/child to prevent Infant, child and maternal mortality. At sessions on adolescent health care and nutrition awareness, over 2,068 girls and mothers were actively engaged

Conducted Immunisation camps related to the various diseases (polio and other). Company also held preventive and control programme for Malaria/ Diarrhoea. HIV- AIDS Awareness Program, RTI/ STD Awareness program to reduce or prevent high prevalence of the disease.

To prevent communicable disease like Tuberculosis company conducted related session attended by 2811 persons

Estimated Impact:

Over 1,62,843 children were immunized against polio and 2,019 children against tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus and measles. Around 5,000 expectant mothers took advantage of the anti-natal, post-natal, mass immunization, nutrition and escort services for institutional delivery. These form part of our Reproductive and Child Health Care programmes.


Additionally, 3,400 people were sensitized on HIV/AIDS at educative programmes held in Reddipalyam, Khor, Hirmi, Awarpur, Tadipatri, Jharsuguda, Kovaya, Malkhed and Jafrabad.


8. Tata Steel

Project Details: Project MANSI, RISHTA and other preventive measures

Implementation By: Direct

Amount spent:  INR 1.65 Cr

Location: Jharkhand and Odisha

Project MANSI and RISHTA is focused on preventive measure in infant, child and adolescent.

In partnership with the government health system and not-for-profit organisations’ working on health, company have been working on Maternal and Newborn Survival Initiative (MANSI) Project in 167 villages of Seraikela-Kharsawan district in Jharkhand. This has reduced the neonatal mortality rate by 46% and infant mortality (up to one year of age) rate by 39% (Source: Vital Rates Survey conducted by SEARCH, Gadhchiroli). In FY16 several districts and blocks of Jharkhand and Odisha were covered under Project MANSI.


Project RISHTA on adolescent health in Jharkhand and Odisha enable adolescent  to make informed decisions and choices about their sexual and reproductive health.


Estimated Impact:

Project RISHTA reached out to over 23,000 adolescent’s population.

Project MANSI reduced Infant Mortality to 32 and neonatal mortality to 22 in respective geographical locations.


9. Dell International Services India Pvt. Ltd

Project Details: Preventing chronic diseases

Implementation By: Implementing agency

Amount spent:  INR 1.02 Cr

Location: Across India

The growing epidemic of chronic disease is due to tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and other risk factors.

Chronic diseases hinder economic growth and reduce the development potential of countries, and this is especially true for India. However, it is important that prevention is addressed to avoid obstruction in economic growth that might be one reason for Dell to spend CSR funds in preventive care.

Estimated Impact:

60 percent of deaths in India are due to non communicable diseases, part of this population benefited with this type CSR funding.


10. Triveni Turbines Ltd

Project Details: Preventive Health Program for Females

Implementation By: Tirath Ram Shah Charitable Hospital

Amount spent:  INR 0.65 Cr

Location: Delhi and other

The Company participated in a project as part of its CSR plan which focussed on preventing diseases, such as osteoporosis, breast cancer, cancer of the cervix & ovary, anaemia of various types and promoting healthcare in women, especially of the lower socio-economic strata in North Delhi. Under this project, the Company provided free investigations and medical advice/consultation to about 2000 women.


Estimated Impact:

2000 women screened under preventive health programme. The programme increased the awareness level of women towards health issues and made them comprehend the need for timely prevention.

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