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MCA has now made Form CSR-1 available on its website

By CSRBOX On 01 April 2021
MCA has now made Form CSR-1 available on its website

Form CSR-1 is now made available on its website by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The ministry has mandated filing of form by implementing entities intending to undertake CSR activities electronically for all CSR projects effective from 1st April 2021.

“Form CSR-1 shall be signed and submitted electronically by the entity and shall be verified digitally. On the submission of the Form CSR-1 on the portal, a unique CSR Registration Number shall be generated by the system automatically,” MCA added.

A list of registered entities will be maintained by the MCA to foresee chances of timely fulfilment of proposed activities. The past performance record of the implementing agencies will help the companies to decide their future CSR endeavours.

As per the new provisions, every entity that intends to undertake any CSR activity will have to register itself with the Central Government by filing the form CSR-1 electronically with the Registrar of Companies, with effect from April 1, 2021. 

To download the Form CSR-1, click here

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