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Mphasis- Redefining young minds with the power of Education and Inclusion

By CSRBOX On 06 September 2019
Mphasis- Redefining young minds with the power of Education and Inclusion

Mphasis is one of the leading IT service company in India. With its headquarters based in Bangalore, it has managed to spread its offices in several other Indian cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Raipur, Chennai, Indore, Puducherry, Vadodara, Mumbai, Mangalore and Ahmedabad. Within two decades of its inception, Mphasis has managed to cater its business in several parts of the world which includes Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Japan, North America, Australia and many countries in Europe. The company is known for its technology-based infrastructure and applications outsourcing services. They are also proficient in architecture guidance, application development and management services. It was declared as the 7th best IT company in India by Fortune India 500 in 2011. They offer their services for financial services and insurance, healthcare, transportation, government, manufacturing, communication, consumer and retail industries.

Apart from running their business successfully, Mphasis also give priority to their social responsibilities. The company established their independent charitable trust, Mphasis F1 Foundation with a goal to bring a change in the lives of the under–served and deprived groups by honing the power of technology into different domain. They extended their services across the geographical boundaries and offers relief to the disaster affected regions in India.

‘Arivu Disha’ is one of the flagship programmes of Mphasis F1 Foundation in the space of education. In association with the implementing partner Headstreams, the programme and the platform focus to improve the learning outcomes in the government schools. Around 2.056 crore have been already spent in this project. This education project is running successfully in different districts in Karnataka, mainly Bangalore, Hosakote and Kolar. The programme includes education intervention providing proper training to the teachers in implementing play based content as a process of learning in the government schools. Teachers play an important role in the shaping of the tender minds of the students. Thus it is necessary to motivate teachers to take ownership to integrate play based teaching which will improve the learning environment in the schools. This helps in active participation of the students in supervision of the teachers into learning. As a result, students are taking more interest in learning with this innovative procedure. In the last 4 years the programme has progressed gradually showing exceptional results. Over 9,500 students in Bangalore and surrounding places have been benefitted with this initiative.

Mphasis F1 Foundation has contributed for inclusive education and skill development programmes. One such initiative is ‘Make India Accessible’. Every person deserves equal rights and respect in the society irrespective of age, gender and capabilities. It is quite unfortunate to find that many are denied of their rights in various platforms due to their physical incapability in spite of being competent than many others. This discrimination has ceased many promising young minds to develop. This programme primarily works in collaboration with National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) for sustained and systematic advocacy for proper implementation of the existing policies and impacting changes for better policies for the person with disabilities. It is necessary for improving accessibility of the person with disabilities in various levels. With the introduction of the new Act that preserve the Rights of the person with disabilities (RPWD), this programme has kept its focus on the rightful and effective execution of the Act for past 2 years throughout the country. The incredible and sincere effort of Mphasis and NCPEDP has been recognised by being jointly awarded the esteemed Zero Project Award in February 2019 for successfully advocating and implementing the RPWD Act. The promotion of the concept of Universal Design is considered to be the second facet of this programme. This refers to a design which can be accessed to a great extent by everyone without any discrimination. The annual NCPEDP – Mphasis Universal Design award is arranged to acknowledge the effort of those who has been working sincerely towards improving accessibility. They further organise platforms for seminars attended by key stakeholders to discuss and work to create an accessible environment for all. All these made them a forerunner of the cause of inclusion and accessibility.

Mphasis is working with heartfelt efforts for attaining their goal of impacting thousands of lives in the next 5 years in the field of Education, Inclusion and Livelihood and not just to comply with laws and regulations of fulfilling their social duties.

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