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PNB Housing Finance Limited spends INR 8 crores under its CSR activities; focusing on upscaling skills of workers on construction sites

By CSRBOX On 10 September 2019
PNB Housing Finance Limited spends INR 8 crores under its CSR activities; focusing on upscaling skills of workers on construction sites

PNB Housing Finance Limited (PNB Housing) is a nationalised housing finance company in India. It is a public limited company registered with National Housing Bank promoted by Punjab National Bank. The company offers housing loans and loan against property that comes under its product portfolio. License to accept public deposit is also held by them. From the time of its commencement on November 11, 1988, PNB Housing has evolved at a steady pace. It is enlisted in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). It is located in more than 60 places with its headquarters in New Delhi. It has spread its network of 84 branches with 36 outreach offices in almost all major cities across India. The company delivers door step services under Direct Sale Team channel for its products.

Apart from running successful business credibility, PNB Housing works sincerely towards accomplishing their social responsibilities for the past few years. Collaborating with implementing partners like Mobile Creches, Savera, Plan International, Tara Mobile Creches and many more, the company is delivering its services through various projects aiming to make a difference in the lives of the destitute. They spend the majority of the amount prescribed for their CSR initiatives in Healthcare, Education and skill development programmes and relief to victims of natural calamities.

PNB Housing Finance Limited has taken a great initiative to support the workers of the construction site by providing them skill development programme. This is a Pan India project spread across the country with successful implementation. CREDAI CSR Foundation works in collaboration with PNB Housing to execute the project effectively. About 8 crores have been already spent in this project from the total amount of the prescribed amount for CSR activities of PNB Housing. Through their training partner Rustomjee Academy for Global Career, CREDAI started this preliminary project and conducted classes for skill development of the construction workers.The construction workers mostly come from the underprivileged section of the society. They do not have the required skill or training to work in the construction site which often leads to accident risking the lives of many. This skill development programme will not only help them to lead a better life but it will also ensure their safety. They are provided with ‘On site and Classroom training’ for better understanding of their job and the place they work in. They get proper training to enhance their technical skill and avoid any occupational hazard which can be fatal. They are taught to take safety measures while functioning in the field of their work. This project also ensured that those who complete and pass the training programme successfully get certified and rewarded by the Government.

Another flagship programme of the PNB Housing Finance Limited is the Holistic Day Care Centres for the Children. This programme supports the children of the constructions workers in various ways through day cares. This day care projects run through its implementing partner Mobile Creches. It goes on for 18 days. The children of the construction site workers come from a poor economic background. They are deprived of their fundamental requirement of living like proper healthcare, education and nutrition. Through the day care these are well taken care of. It is often seen that these children suffer from malnutrition due to poor or less dietary intake according to their requirements. These lead to various health hazards. Nutrition intervention offered in this programme help to provide them with proper food in their day care. Education programmes are also organised to provide them with primary education. It is quite obvious that family which cannot provide food to their children cannot afford to give them the proper education. This is a known fact that the children are the future of any country. If the children are given proper education, you are strengthening the future of your country. With right academic qualification they can find a suitable livelihood for themselves and can prosper in life. This project is successfully running in different states of India, namely, Delhi and Delhi NCR, Gujarat and Karnataka.

Everybody has a social responsibility that they need to address and fulfil. PNB Housing through their CSR activities manages to show their sincere involvement of shaping the lives of the destitute which results in stronger future generation.

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