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Panta Municipal Corporation plans to build ‘waste-to-wonder’ parks

By Times of India On 21 January 2021
Panta Municipal Corporation plans to build ‘waste-to-wonder’ parks

The Patna Municipal Corporation has come up with a plan to set-up selfie points across the city and to develop ‘Waste to Wonder Park’ at various places using junks and discarded items to encourage residents to adopt the golden rule – ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ for waste management. 


One such park is under construction at Maurya Lok premises with an open garden library, kids’ play zone area, a selfie spot, eateries, and illuminated pathways. The park will cost around Rs 15 lakh under the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative.


Municipal commissioner Himanshu Sharma said the waste-to-wonder park concept is meant to encourage people to be creative with waste materials.


“The most important point is that scrap materials like plastic and glass bottles and rubber tyres can be recycled to give a much-needed facelift to public spaces with little creativity. It will encourage the residents to use discarded materials productively in their household,” he said.


He added, “The open garden library would be a unique concept for the residents where they can sit, read, relax and enjoy the craftsmanship made from junks.”According to PMC officials, all gaming set-ups, plant pots, and chairs will be made of tyres, benches, and tables to be made of drums, discarded bottles for planting and tins and rods lighting and other metal scraps, cans, and nut- bolts for the selfie-points.


Concerned over the low ranking in Swachhta Survekshan survey 2020, the civic body has decided to use the concept at select sites under Azimabad, Patliputra, and Kankerbagh circles. The park located near Panch Shiva temple in ward number 34, will soon have a café-cum-library based on the waste to wonder park concept.


The entire park area will have a complete facelift with fountains, sheds, benches, hammocks, and plant pots, by using junk items. It will be ready within a month. Besides, the pillars at Rajendra Nagar ROB are painted with beautiful murals.


A selfie point is being made from the waste item at SK Puri Park. Besides, plant pots from waste tires, drums will be prepared and placed at all the garbage points of China Kothi and Chhajjubagh slums.

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