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Pushya Nakshtra Community Health Program

By Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur On 02 January 2021
Pushya Nakshtra Community Health Program

Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University is running AYUSH programs BAMS, BHMS, BNYS  since 2014-15. currently a total  of 125 intern students of all programs are completing their internship form University Multispecialty AYUSH Hospital "Syuransh  Arogyashala"  


Following the commitment for Community Development Leading to Women Empowerment,  University has organized a  Health Scheme "Pushya Nakshtra Community Health Program" (PCHP-2021)   by  the internees  of BAMS, BHMS & BNYS  programs  under the aegis of University Local Integrative Health Centers (LIHCs),  established in University 10 Adopted Villages namely Kachroda, Jharna, Hirnoda,  Phulera, Asalpur, Bichun, Rojdi, Devla, Kapadiyawas and Dhani -Boraj.

The  event was organized on  virtual base  by  connecting 10 adopted villages for conduction of the community health program .  This  Live event  was also recorded  for setting a record in India Book of Records on January 1, 2021 at 3:00PM.   

During  the Program,  The first drops of  'Suvarnaprashana'  had provided to a total of 300 children between 1 and 3 years of age on 'Pushya Nakshatra', during which parents of minimum 100 children were live on a virtual base.  at a same time,  Homeopathy Medicine also distributed to the approx. 1200 people of 10 adopted villages including minimum 3 adult member of related  children who have  given 'Suvarnaprashana' doses.   

University team of internees will  check and monitor the  vitals and health history of each   in every 15 days intervals  update  the record   accordingly. 


On every 'Pushya Nakshatra', from January 1, 2021 to September 4, 2021,  the same process would be repeated  10 times on total  10 'Pushya Nakshatra' .


with starting this program, University also inaugurated  its recently renovated 10University Local Integrative Health Centers (LIHC) for  implementation  of  following  7 AYUSH Health Yojnas:

  1. Pushya Nakshtra Community Health  Yojna
  2. Post Garbhadharan Vedic Care & Sanskar  Yojna 
  3. Vradhajan Health Yojna
  4. Local Nutirtion Yojna
  5. Balika Health Yojna 
  6. Home Adoption for Health Yojna
  7. Saptahik Gau Samgri Yagya  & Community Yoga  Yojna


University is about  to setting a  record  and awaiting official confirmation from the #IndiaBookofRecords.

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