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Top 10 CSR Projects of Education Sector in Financial Year 2016-17 in India

By CSRBOX On 05 March 2018
Top 10 CSR Projects of Education Sector in Financial Year 2016-17 in India

Corporate Social Responsibility is a Business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility which is abbreviated as CSR has different sectors like Education, Health, Environment Sustainability, Community Development, Rural Development and Livelihood & skilling. Below given are some of the top company’s CSR Education project details in India.

Reliance Industries Limited:

The company started with textile Industry and currently the activities span hydrocarbon exploration and production, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, retail and telecommunications.

Location: Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, Uttarakhand

CSR spent of Project: 31.99 Cr.
Over all CSR spent in Education Sector: 231.68 Cr.


Reliance has launched a digital Learning Van that will provide access to digital learning to thousands of underprivileged students across India. Reliance, in partnership with Eklavya Foundation, implemented a pilot project reaching out to 1,300 children in 41 villages of Madhya Pradesh to improve the learning abilities of children through Shiksha Protsahan Kendras (SPKs). By creating a positive and conducive learning environment, the programme addressed the bottlenecks in learning that most of the children have. At Jamnagar, a pilot program was designed to bridge the deficiency and enhance the proficiency levels in schools. ‘Functional English’ supplementary classes and subjects such as science and math are carried out in 3 schools at present, reaching out to about 1,000 students. The unique aspect of the project is that a group of 33 lady volunteers (mostly educated homemakers and spouses of RIL employees) teach in schools under the guidance of an eminent educationist. In another education initiative, Reliance supported The Bombay Community Public Trust’s English E-Teach (EET) project which aims to improve quality of English of poor children that can improve their employment opportunities. So far, the EET initiative has reached about two lakh children in Maharashtra.

Impact: The foundation’s initiative was successful to reach 2lakhs students in Maharashtra, following 1300 children in 41 villages and 1000 children in 3 schools during the pilot project.

Asian Paints Limited:

Since 1942, Asian Paints today is India’s leading and Asia’s Fourth largest company, with the turnover of 170.85 Billion. The company contributes in various thematic Areas, but one of the noteworthy initiatives aligned with CSR policy is Hole in the Wall.

Location: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu

CSR spent of Project: 20.14 Cr.
Over all CSR spent in Education Sector:  40.55 Cr. 
Solar Labs


The foundation of the company took an initiative to introduce the concept of Digital Literacy to the villages around Ankleshwar, Gujarat. To promote this thought one of the largest projects initiated was to contribute for solar computer Labs. Hole in the Wall is an innovative learning methodology promoted by NIIT Foundation. It helps children to learn in an unmonitored and facilitative environment. Some of the features of these terminals are:

It is based on the premise that the children are inquisitive by nature and can learn on their own. The content is structured in-line with the NCERT textbooks and is available in English and Hindi. The content is taught through animations, games or in the form of general learning sessions. Children also have access to software like Word, etc. to increase their computer literacy. The terminal also has restricted access to the internet where the children can learn more on their interest areas. When the mid-line assessments were done by NIIT Foundation result found was within six months students were able to access to Internet for their Assignments and Power point for their Projects.

Impact: When the baseline survey was done no student attempted the English writing but during the mid-line survey 10% students attempted the writing section.

Piramal Enterprises Limited:

Piramal Enterprise is the global business conglomerate with interests in Pharma, Financial

Services, information management, glass Packaging and real estate. Piramal Foundation, an initiative of Piramal Enterprise runs sustainable development program in Education, Health Care and water resources.

Location: Rajasthan, Gujarat

Over all CSR spent in Education Sector: 17.39Cr.


Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership (PFEL) envisions making a disproportionate change in the quality of primary education by creating and replicating sustainable programs for grooming education leaders in the government educational system. PFEL created a four-year

School Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) to improve the learning levels of students enrolled in Government schools of India. The programme focuses on developing leadership and administrative capabilities of school principals and education officers. It aims to enhance pedagogical knowledge and classroom teaching abilities of teachers and engage local community members in the school development process. In order to do so, PFEL designed the Piramal Fellowship Programme. This unique fellowship programme selects bright young individuals from top universities across the country, who eventually work in a district with teachers and headmasters of five different schools, five communities and five school heads; an average of 25 teachers creating impact and orchestrating transformations from within the system. PFEL has also initiated District Transformation Programme (DTP) for systemic change that aims to coach and influence the middle management education officers into becoming better leaders. Currently,

DTP works in two districts: Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan with 927 schools and Surat, Gujarat with 1,000 schools.

Impact: The fellowship is model is able to reach 927+ schools in Rajasthan.


4. ICICI Foundation:

ICICI bank is the largest Private Sector Bank. ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth (ICICI Foundation) was founded by the ICICI Group in early 2008 to carry forward and build upon its legacy of promoting inclusive growth. The CSR activity of the foundation of the company is carried out by ICICI Foundation. The major Initiative of ICICI is strengthening the SMC (School Management Committee).

Location: Rajasthan & Chhattisgarh

CSR spent of  Project: 15.8* Cr. 
Over all CSR  Spent in Education Sector: 47.5 Cr.
Elementary Education


ICICI believes that access to Quality Education can be secured by improving teaching at Elementary Education Level (class 1-5) and strengthening the SMC's. To improve Learning Outcomes of the Students in Government Schools, the foundation provided training to School Management Committee (SMC Members), offered platform to SMC Members to share their experience and success stories, organize monthly Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTM's) to ensure participation of parents in the school activities. The foundation even identifies and reintegrates children who are drop outs or irregular students. One of the best initiatives taken by members of ICICI foundation was visiting the house of Alveera Khan- a 5th standard kid who did not attend school because of Exam Fear. The members played a role of mentor and cleared her exam-fear.

Ultra Tech Cement Limited

Ultra Tech Cement Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of grey cement, Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) and white cement India. The project initiated under Education sector is School for Education.

Location: West Bengal, Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab.

CSR spent of Project: 13.08 Cr. 
Over all CSR spent in Education Sector: 17.86 Cr.


One of the Best Initiative taken up by Ultra Tech Foundation in Education Sector is that the foundation conducted an Enrolment Campaign that supported in reducing dropout rates of students in schools. Another great initiative of the foundation is establishing Libraries in the villages in order to promote Education that is benefiting the community (village members as well apart from the school students).

Apart from that, the foundation offered special coaching classes and career counseling programs.

Also the foundation distributes stationeries, books, uniforms, school bags, etc. amongst the students

Impact: The dropout rates reached out to 120 schools and 11,583 children got an opportunity to enroll again. The Smart Class Computer Project “Utkarsh" running with the collaboration of Rajasthan Government benefited 22000 children.

Wipro Limited:

Wipro is a leading global Technology, consulting and business process Service Company of India. As a Part of CSR Initiative in Education Sector one of the major projects in Education Sector is Applying Thoughts in School.

Location: PAN India

CSR spent of Project: 9.59 Cr.
Over all CSR spent in Education Sector: 129.66 Cr. 


Under this project Wipro encourages organizations by strengthening and taking care of the development of good organizations. The support of this wide network of education organizations has resulted better outcome in the areas of curriculum, text books, teacher capacity, and school leadership. The organization has supported 70 organizations since 2000 i.e. before 16 years when the project was started. Since last 16 years, their work has spanned 132 projects.

Impact: The project is able to reach nearly 20,000 schools across 17 states of India with the collective efforts.

7. Larsen & Toubro Limited:

L&T has unmatched capabilities across Technology, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing, and maintains a leadership in all its major lines of business.

Location: West Bengal, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, New Delhi, Punjab      

CSR spent of Project: 8.64 Cr.
Over all CSR spent in Education Sector: 51.74Cr.


The company with the support of NGO Partners conducts Learning Enrichment Programs in schools with the focus on enhancing student’s knowledge in Science & Math. ‘Science on

Wheels’ vans visit schools to provide young, enquiring minds with exciting opportunities to perform hands-on science experiments and fire their imagination. A toy van for children –‘Nanha Munna Express’ is made that makes learning fun for children, and helps develop motor, cognitive and social skills. Children from underprivileged backgrounds are also provided with basic computer education, to prepare them for a digitalized world.

Ashok Leyland Limited:

Ashok Leyland is the Second Largest manufacturer of vehicles in India, 4th largest manufacturer of buses in the world and 12th largest manufacturer of trucks. The CSR program initiated by the company is Road to School.

Location: Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand

CSR spent of Project: 7.25 Cr.
Road to School


The programme is initiated for the orphanages which include primary school students who are physically and mentally challenged students, the company offers one day trip to these students.

The seating outlet is made considering the requirements of the physically challenged children.

The bus is even equipped with the lift for the convenience of the wheel-chair bound students.

Impact: 45 schools in recent FY and 5000 students are benefited by few more Initiatives of Ashok Leyland in the Education Sector.

Grasim Industries Limited:

Grasim Industries Limited is a flagship of the Aditya Birla Group. It started as a textiles manufacturer in India in 1947. Today, it is a leading global player in VSF, the largest chemicals (Chlor-Alkali-s), cement producer and Diversified Financial Services (NBFC, asset management and Life Insurance) player in India. Few Education Initiatives as a part of CSR Activity is listed as below.

Location: Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa and Karnataka.

CSR spent of project: 5.76 Cr.
Over all CSR spent in Education Sector: 6.488Cr.


The Company has spent some amount of money for Enrolment awareness programmes and events. The company also has initiated Formal schools outside campus (which company staff considers as Company fun). Company has also started giving Education Material, Scholarships, School competitions were organized and also appreciates teachers efforts by giving Best teacher award, organizes Cultural events in schools which plays an important role in Quality of Education. Also the company provides Specialized Coaching and gives Exposure visits, also spreads awareness on Education and Importance of Schools. Support to Mid day Meal Project.

Impact: The "Pratibha Karanji" (School talent hunt program) attracted 1260 children from different schools.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited:

Indian Oil Corporation Limited, a commonly known as Indian Oil is an Indian state owned oil and Gas Company headquartered in New Delhi. As a part CSR Initiative one of the appreciable projects of Indian Oil is making Science Learning Fun and Easy to Access Project:

Location: Assam

CSR spent of Project: 2.55 Cr. 
Over all CSR spent in Education Sector: 80 Cr.


The project basically is to develop science as practical subject and not just restricted to theory in Education Sector. Hence, A Science Van visits 23 partner schools for hands-on Science learning and demonstration through trained facilitators and school teachers. This initiative of IOL Foundation gave practical understanding about Science Subject. Lab in a Box, a part of Project Bigyan: To enhance practical understanding in Science & Technology the foundation organized Science models/experiments based on pre designed learning modules and are placed in boxes, covering physics, chemistry and biology concepts. Even help of Technology is taken to support the project which reaches to one of the district in Assam where the need of refining Education is must. The project is particularly implemented in Bongaigaon of Assam.

Impact: 2070 students were benefitted from the project during the FY 2016-17.

*The amount mentioned in ICICI Foundation project is division of total amount by 3. As the total fund was distributed into 3 different  projects.

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