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Top 10 Scholarship Projects through CSR in India

By CSRBOX On 02 March 2021
Top 10 Scholarship Projects through CSR in India

Scholarships are a great way to boost talent. They provide an immediate and direct benefit to the community and have the ability to reach greater potential applicants while benefiting the companies offering them. Below are top 10 Scholarship projects through CSR in India based on the CSR funds allocation of each company in the Financial Year 2019-20.


1. Scholarship Scheme
 Source: Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited (STFC)

Name of the Company: Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited (STFC)
Location: Pan India
Implementing Agencies: Shriram Foundation, Buddy4study, Collective Good Foundation, Terna Public Chartable Trust, Indian Red Cross Society, Piramal Swasthya Management and Research Institute
The total expenditure of the Project (in Cr): INR 19.88
Total Prescribed CSR 2019-20 (in Cr.): INR 52.82
STFC has been making specific contributions towards the achievement of the global goal by extending scholarships to enable and augment formal education and learning for children and youth from the families of transport fraternity. The Educational Regular Scholarship in the year 2018-19 was provided to a total number of 39,516 students that include below 8th standard students to 12th students, whereas the number of students receiving the same scholarships provided to students was increased to 44,623. The Higher Education Scholarship was provided to 248 Diploma/Polytechnic students, 1,473 graduation students reaching a total of 1,721 students.

Brief about the Company:
The Company is a part of the “SHRIRAM” conglomerate it was in the year 1979 and is registered as a Deposit taking NBFC.

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2. Supporting education of underprivileged children

Name of the Company: Havells India Limited
Location: Delhi
Implementing Agencies: BML Munjal Foundation, Ashoka University
The total expenditure of the Project (in Cr): INR 12
Total Prescribed CSR 2019-20 (in Cr.): INR 20.29
In order to promote education, the Havells India had partnered with BML Munjal Foundation to provide financial assistance to needy students in the form of scholarship as well as creating infrastructure for the benefit of such students. The company has also partnered with Ashoka University to provide scholarship to the needy students for their higher education.

Brief about the Company:
Havells India Limited is a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) Company and a major power distribution equipment manufacturer with a strong global presence..

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3.  Jigyasa – Building knowledge for life

Source: learningwithvodafoneidea.in

Name of the Company: Vodafone Idea Limited
Location: Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh
Implementing Partner: Vodafone Foundation
The total expenditure of the Project (in Cr): INR 8.83
Jigyasa – Building knowledge for life is a flagship education programme of the Company. It aims to build knowledge for life and addresses some of the most pressing concerns faced by education sector in India by building the capacity of teachers, introducing digital content in the classroom to make learning and teaching more enjoyable, and augmenting existing infrastructure as needed. It also addresses another pressing concern of the education sector – limited awareness and access to scholarships. They have developed India’s largest multilingual scholarship discovery and assistance platform – www.learningwithvodafoneidea.in which curates information of scholarships. The outreach of the project is Primary and Upper primary schools i.e. students in Standard 1 to 8 across five States Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh where digital infrastructure is available. The project has benefitted 3,00,000 students and 12,000 teachers across 2,200 schools. More than 6.64 lakh students have registered on scholarship portal and more than 25,000 students have received a scholarship through their efforts


Brief about the Company:

Vodafone Idea Limited is an Aditya Birla Group and Vi™ Group partnership. It is India's leading telecom service provider. The Company provides pan India Voice and Data services across 2G, 3G and 4G platform.

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4.  Scholarship Programmes

Name of the Company: Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Location: Pan India
The total expenditure of the Project (in Cr): INR 8.82
Total Prescribed CSR 2019-20 (in Cr.): INR
Indian Oil introduced Sports Scholarship Scheme in the year 2006-07 for promising young sports persons representing States in team games and National ranking in others. This scheme started with 55 scholarships in 7 games/sports. At present, 250 scholarships in 20 games/ sports (Olympic sports categories & other popular games viz. Cricket, Carom, Chess, etc) are awarded to upcoming junior players from 13 to 16 years of age in two categories viz. Elite Scholar and Scholar. The scholarship amount varies from ₹15,000 to ₹19,000 per month for Elite Scholars and ₹12,000 to ₹16,000 per month for Scholars for the period of 3 years and cost of kit items is also paid by Indian Oil. In addition, Indian Oil also provides assistance towards travel, lodging etc. for scholars in individual games. During 2019-20, 177 sportspersons benefitted from the scheme and since inception, more than 1,000 sportspersons have benefitted from Indian Oil scholarship scheme. Indian Oil Gyanodaya Scheme provides scholarships on merit-cum-means basis to students pursuing 2-year regular courses in Government ITIs and 3-year regular courses in Government Polytechnic, to incentivize them to perform well. The scheme covers 36 Government institutes (18 ITIs and 18 Polytechnics) near 9 Indian Oil Refinery locations. 50 students per batch are selected from each institute every year. Each student is provided scholarship of ₹ 1000 per month for the entire duration of the regular course. During 2019-20, 1,256 students from 28 ITIs and Polytechnics were selected for providing scholarship under the scheme. Under “Indian Oil Vidushi” CSR programme, specialized coaching and mentoring is provided to under-privileged girls after class XII to succeed in JEE Mains, JEE Advanced & other Central and State Engineering College Entrance Examinations at 4 residential centres (Noida, Bhubaneswar, Patna and Jaipur). Maximum 30 girls are selected for each centre through written test and personal interview on merit–cum-means basis. The entire cost for specialized coaching, study material, boarding, food & other consumables, blanket, hygiene kit, dress set, health insurance etc., is borne by Indian Oil. Out of the 56 girls trained at 2 centres (Noida & Bhubaneswar) in the year 2018-19, 46 cleared JEE Mains 2019 [9 students joined IITs, 23 joined NITs & balance 14 joined other Engg. colleges]. Indian Oil Vidushi has been expanded to 2 more cities i.e. Aids & Assistive devices to Divyangjans The number of people with disabilities in India rose by 22.40% to 26.80 million (2011 Census) out of which 20.30% of people have movement disabilities; 18.90% have hearing impairments; and 18.80% have visual impairments. Indian Oil took massive initiative to support and empower Divyangjans across the country. The beneficiaries were selected, and their disabilities were assessed through Patna and Jaipur. 113 girls have enrolled at the four Vidushi centres for the year 2019-20. Scholarship is also provided to the students after getting admission into IITs/NITs/Govt Engg. Colleges for their graduation in Engg. for 4 years.


Brief about the Company:
Indian Oil Corporation (IndianOil) is India's largest commercial enterprise, their business interests straddle the entire hydrocarbon value-chain – from refining, pipeline transportation and marketing of petroleum products to exploration & production of crude oil & gas, marketing of natural gas and petrochemicals, besides forays into alternative energy and globalisation of downstream operations.

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5.  IndusInd Para Champions Programme

 Source: IndusInd for sports

Name of the Company: IndusInd Bank Limited
Location: Pan India
Implementing Agencies: CABI- Samarthanam, GoSports Foundation, JSW Foundation, Mann Deshi Foundation
The total expenditure of the Project (in Cr): INR 8.74
Total Prescribed CSR 2019-20 (in Cr.): INR 108.11
IndusInd Para Champions Programme Encourages differently abled athletes through a sports scholarship program. 45 athletes are supported to cover their high performance need, travel, injury management, rehabilitation strength training, medical support needs, etc. During FY2019-20, these athletes have won 61 Gold, 30 Silver and 25 Bronze medals in various competition both national & international. The Bank supports 60 girl athletes from lower income families from all across India. They get access to world-class coaching and training facilities at the Inspire Institute of Sports (IIS) and are being groomed to become champions who will represent & win medals for India at international sporting events. In FY2019-20, these women athletes have won 112 medals which included 51 Gold, 25 Silver and 36 Bronze medals. IndusInd Bank is principal supporter for 26 players in the Indian Blind Cricket Team. During FY2019-20, the Team won bilateral ODI series against the West Indies and Nepal. Further, The Nagesh IndusInd trophy was started to identify more talents. 400 blind cricketers participated in this trophy and played 60 matches in 12 States.

Brief about the Company:

IndusInd Bank Limited is a Mumbai based Indian new generation bank, established in 1994. The bank offers commercial, transactional and electronic banking products and services.

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6.  Scholarships for UWC students & Gyandeep Program

Name of the Company: Mahindra and Mahindra Limited
Location: Maharashtra, Telangana, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka
Implementing Partners: Ajit Foundation, United Way, K. C. Mahindra Education Trust (KCMET) etc.
The total expenditure of the Project (in Cr): INR 8.25
Total Prescribed CSR 2019-20 (in Cr.): INR 106.56            
Mahindra & Mahindra Limited provided scholarships to enable deserving students to study at Mahindra United World College of India. Gyandeep program provides Scholarships, Digital Education, Career Guidance, Mentoring, Books & Stationary, Abacus Learning Module and Infrastructure Improvement support. Overall 29,672 children benefitted including 1,799 children who were provided scholarships. The company also helped towards the provision of scholarships to allow students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to undergo vocational training at the Deshpande Private Industrial Training Institute.


Brief about the Company:
Mahindra & Mahindra, is a leader in the tractor and utility vehicles space. Famous for their rugged and reliable automobiles, some also know them for their innovative IT solutions, and others for their commitment to rural prosperity.

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7. Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarships

Source: Buddy4Study

Name of the Company: Reliance Industries Limited
Location: Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu
Implementing Agencies: Reliance Foundation
The total expenditure of the Project (in Cr): INR 3.62
Total Prescribed CSR 2019-20 (in Cr.): INR 874.95
The Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship Programme is aimed towards fulfilling Shri Dhirubhai Ambani’s vision of providing opportunities to the youth and empowering them to become future leaders. Initiated in 1996, the scholarship supports meritorious students of standard XII to pursue college education and nurtures them to emerge as young professionals. Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship Programme is a targeted programme where scholarship is awarded to top few meritorious students who meet the selection criteria of Reliance Foundation, based on the merit list provided by the State/CBSE Board. In the Financial Year 2019-2021, 12,776 Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarships were disbursed.


Brief about the Company:
Reliance Industries the company operates in five major segments: exploration and production, refining and marketing, petrochemicals, retail and telecommunications

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8.  Nurturing Brilliance

Source: Cummins India

Name of the Company: Cummins India Limited
Location: Maharashtra
Implementing Agency: CeRIE - Centre for Research and Intellectual Entrepreneurship, Cummins India Foundation
The total expenditure of the Project (in Cr): INR 3.29
Total Prescribed CSR 2019-20 (in Cr.): INR 17.23
With a vison to provide financial & non-financial benefits to meritorious and promising students coming from socio-economically challenged backgrounds, who aim for Higher Education (BE or Diploma), in 2006 Cummins launched a Scholarship Program ‘Nurturing Brilliance’.  In this journey of nurturing brilliance,1539 students have been benefitted so far. Along with the financial support, another key focus area for this project is towards building competence. To build the competency and provide the students with the necessary guidance for their career and aspiration, each student is engaged with an experienced Cummins senior leader as Mentor.  Mentors help students to have better industry exposure, understand practices in Engineering enterprise & shape their career.


Brief about the Company:
A Power Leader Cummins in India designs, manufactures, distributes and services diesel and alternative fuel engines from 2.8 to 95 liters, diesel and alternative-fueled power generator sets of up to 3000 kW (3750 kVA), as well as related components and technology.

More about Cummins India Limited’s CSR Portfolio


9. Keep India Smiling Mission

Name of the Company: Colgate Palmolive (India) Limited
Location: Pan India
Implementing Partner: Buddy4Study
The total expenditure of the Project (in Cr): INR 2.6
Total Prescribed CSR 2019-20 (in Cr.): INR 19.72
In 2019, Colgate-Palmolive India under the aegis of Keep India Smiling Mission launched the Keep India Smiling Foundational Scholarship program. The program is run in partnership with the ShikshaDaan Foundation and Technology partner Buddy4Study. The program offers Financial support to deserving candidates across Urban and Rural India, who are meritorious but due to financial constraints lose the opportunity to enhance education or future employability aspects. Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) are reached out by the implementation partners to reach to candidates who otherwise may not be aware of such opportunities. This foundational support is also supported with a LMS based Mentorship program, which will enable candidates to have more exposure to their personality grooming, improve language skills and understand various career opportunities available. The scholarships are provided in the areas of Education, Sports and for Community betterment.


Brief about the Company:
The small soap and candle business that William Colgate began in New York City early in the 19th century is now, more than 200 years later, a truly global company serving hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide.

More about Colgate Palmolive (India) Limited’s CSR Portfolio


10. Adani Scholarship Programs

Name of the Company: Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited
Location: Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu
Implementing Partner: Adani Foundation
The total expenditure of the Project (in Cr): INR 2.09
Total Prescribed CSR 2019-20 (in Cr.): INR 69.27
The Company through Adani Foundation provided scholarship support to motivate and encourage children from fisher folk families in Mundra, Gujarat, to pursue higher studies. Under this program Adani Foundation provided 100% fee support to girls and 80% fee support to boys as a scholarship to a total of 78 students. Scholarship of C 6000 per student was awarded to meritorious students of Class 10 & above, to appreciate and encourage the students in Tiroda, Maharashtra. A total of 54 students from 5 villages were awarded the scholarship this year.A total of 832 meritorious students (out of 946 applications received who met criteria) residing around the Udupi Power Corporation Ltd plant, Karnataka (within the limits of 12 Gram Panchayats) were conferred the Adani Scholarships. Student who had scored 80% and above were eligible to secure this scholarship. This scholarship was granted for use on levels like SSLC, Diploma, PUC, Graduation, PostGraduation and for courses including but not limited to engineering, medical and nursing. Apart from providing scholarships, the company also distributed school kits and enable teachers by giving trainings. The company also contributed Quality Improvement in Government with holistic approach of Utthan.


Brief about the Company:
Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited (APSEZ) is India’s largest private multi-port operator. They are a part of the Adani Group, an integrated infrastructure corporation.

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