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Walmart Announces $4.8 Million Grant To Improve Farmer Livelihood In India

By PTI On 29 August 2019
Walmart Announces $4.8 Million Grant To Improve Farmer Livelihood In India

Walmart Foundation announced grants of $4.8 million (around 34 crore) to two companies for corporate social responsibility programmes to improve farmer livelihood in India

The grant will be given to Digital Green and TechnoServe to enable programmes that help smallholder farmers have access to agriculture technology, provide training on sustainable farming methods, enhance access to formal markets, and build skill and capacity for farmer producer organisations.

These grants are part of $25 million (Rs 180 crore) support announced by Walmart Foundation last September.

"With today's announcement, the Walmart Foundation has contributed over $10 million (around Rs 71 crore) towards its $25 million goal" said Walmart in a statement

These grants are expected to have a positive impact on more than 81,000 farmers in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh, which also include more than 29,030 woman farmers.

"Last year in September, Walmart Foundation had committed to contributed $25 million over the next five years to improve farmer livelihood in India, As part of this commitment, we have announced the two grants to TechnoServe and Digital Green," said Walmart Foundation President and EVP Kathleen Mclaughlin

Walmart India has also made commitments to directly source 25 percent of the produce from smallholder farmers for its Cash & Carry stores by 2023, Mclaughlin added.

We hope that Walmart Foundation's commitment, alongside the work of Walmart India's direct farm sourcing teams will help contribute to sustainable agriculture development in India, she said.

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