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ASMITA- Affordable Toilet Solution

Arvind Foundation
Last Updated On 29 December 2018
Product USP
  • ARC Blocks
  • Brick Work Pit with Cover
  • 200L Plastic Tank
  • Solar Lantern
  • Aluminium Side Strips
ARC Blocks
Brick Work Pit with Cover
200L Plastic Tank
Solar Lantern
Aluminium Side Strips
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Swadesh Saxena
Contact Number     9978917450
Contact Email    swadesh.saxena@arvind.in
Organisation Address
Arvind Limited, Naroda Road,
Product Description

ASMITA is a toilet installation and sanitation ecosystem, created to provide good quality toilet models across India. It has an all-weather fibre cement board with aluminium door frame made of mild steel, having front and back ventilator. Also, the RCC Modular Pit, mounted on a 200-litre plastic tank with one plastic tap connection along with a solar lantern and exterior emulsion paint makes it a worthy finished product. A minimum order of 10 units is required for installation, the cost ranging INR 26,000 excluding taxes and transportation charges.

Recent Projects and Users

Asmita is interested to work with CSR wing of Companies. Having work order from them, Asmita Team can install toilets as per their instructions on a turn-key basis. They have a team of sanitation experts who can do quality audits for installed toilets thus ensuring quality and transparency.

About Arvind Foundation

It has been set-up as a business division within Arvind Limited to establish a dedicated vertical aimed at providing smart solutions to the problems of national importance such as Sanitation, Housing, Renewable Energy, Health, Education etc. Under Project ASMITA they plan to enable toilet ownership for more than a million rural households across India.


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