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Axiostat- Stop bleeding, instantly

Axio Biosolutions Private Limited
Last Updated On 07 May 2018
Product USP
  • Ready to use
  • Hypoallergenic, Non-exothermic, Non-pyrogenic
  • Can be cut, folded and stuffed
  • Protects from infection
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Sreeja Chandran
Contact Number     +91 80 40947972
Contact Email    info@axiobio.com
Organisation Address
#541, 5th main, 16th cross, Indiranagar 2nd stage,
Product Description

Axiostat is a sponge-like dressing made using a biomaterial platform based on 100% chitosan technology that works on charge interactions between negatively charged blood components and positively charged Axiostat. Chitosan is a natural biomaterial that is modified for medical application.

So the moment Axiostat is applied to an open wound, it reacts with the blood and becomes a very sticky substance that clots the blood and stops the bleeding. Axiostat can be kept on the wound for 24 hours. Once the patient is taken to the hospital and receives medical attention, Axiostat can be removed by just applying water. It absorbs the water to become a gel like substance that can be easily peeled off the wound.

Product Specification


Chitosan - 100%


Stops severe bleeding


Mucoadhesion due to change


Positively charged, reacts actively


Sponge, natural polymer


Very flexible, both sides active


Sterilized using Gama irradiation

Shelf Life

3 Years




Irrigate with saline

Side Effects




How to use Axiostat?

Step1: Peel open the pack and remove Axiostat with dry hands from the pack.

Step2: Place Axiostat on the wound such that it covers the entire bleeding site. Apply uniform pressure until it sticks to the wound.

Step3: Apply a secondary dressing if required to make sure Axiostat remains dry and in position.
Step4: Irrigate axiostat with plenty of water or saline and gently peel it off.

Recent Projects and Users

The biggest use of Axiostat has been in the military segment.

Axiostat has become the standard suppliers for the Indian Armed Forces. It has supplied 25,000 to 40,000 units to the Indian armed forces across 75 battalions.

Additionally, it is being used by defence forces, paramilitary forces and armies across India, the Middle-East and Europe. It was also used in the Russia-Ukraine war front in 2014.

In India, apart from the Indian army, its clientele includes government and private hospitals such as Apollo, St John’s, Manipal, Breach Candy and Fortis.

About Axio Biosolutions Private Limited

Axio was founded in 2008 by Leo Mavely, a bioengineer to develop novel biopolymer platform based products for wound care. Axio has the distinction to be the first company from India to design, develop and commercialize an Emergency Hemostat for Trauma care.

Vision of Axio is to develop affordable, high impact medical products that can solve unmet healthcare needs of emerging markets. Controlling life-threatening bleeding continues to be the major cause of death from traumatic injuries. Axiostat is its flagship product developed to reduce the mortality due to traumatic bleeding. Axio is a ISO 13485 certified company with an experienced team focused on bringing high-impact medical products to market.

For more information please visit the Link.

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