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BEMPU Hypothermia Alert Device

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Last Updated On 07 June 2018
Product USP

  • Baby-Safe & Skin Friendly
  • Intuitive audio-visual alarm promotes KMC
  • No charging or power source required
  • CE Certified
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Product Description

The BEMPU Hypothermia Alert Device (BEMPU Bracelet) is a simple bracelet used to monitor the temperature of a premature/low birth weight (LBW) baby. It is continuously active for 30 days and provides an audiovisual alarm when a baby experiences hypothermia (when their body temperature drops too low), prompting parents to respond with Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC). KMC is a WHO-recommended intervention for improving the care of low birth weight babies, and it promotes healthy infant growth, breastfeeding, and bonding. By promoting KMC, BEMPU helps babies stay warm and improves their weight gain.

Clinical studies with the BEMPU Bracelet have been conducted around India—with the NHM and WISH Foundation in Rajasthan, at JIPMER—Pondicherry, at various private and government facilities in Bangalore, and at other medical colleges and hospitals. Clinical evidence demonstrates that the BEMPU device is accurate at detecting hypothermia, and that babies using BEMPU receive more KMC and gain more weight as compared to controls. Data from Rajasthan suggests that use of BEMPU reduces neonatal mortality.

BEMPU is designed for community use. During its 30-day period of continuous usability, it does not require charging, or a power source. It monitors babies day and night, and its intuitive alarm is easily understood even by parents and caregivers with low levels of health literacy. It can be used in both a facility setting and at home.

BEMPU is made of baby-safe and skin-friendly silicone and has undergone rigorous safety testing. It is CE Certified.

The BEMPU Bracelet has won numerous awards and recognitions. It was named one of TIME Magazine’s Top 25 Inventions of 2017 and has been supported by Saving Lives at Birth, a partnership between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, Grand Challenges Canada, and other international organizations.

The BEMPU device is typically implemented as part of a program between partners and BEMPU Health. The BEMPU team trains staff on device usage and Kangaroo Mother Care at the location where devices are deployed. Custom training materials, including videos, are provided in local languages. BEMPU offers a 24-hour toll-free call line. Monitoring and evaluation services are provided, and BEMPU promises accountability to initial results within 6 months of bracelet deployments.

Special Features of the Product

  • 30 days of continuous activity, no charging or power source required
  • Intuitive audio-visual alarm promotes KMC
  • Made of entirely baby-safe material

Recent Projects and Users

Name of the Project: Pilot of the BEMPU Device for Reduction in Hypothermia and Infection Related Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity in Rajasthan

Name of the Partner: A partnership between National Health Mission Rajasthan, WISH Foundation, and BEMPU Health

This project was a pilot conducted as a partnership between the NHM Rajasthan, WISH Foundation, and BEMPU Health. 386 low-weight babies in 10 facilities in Udaipur, Sagwara, and Dungarpur, Rajasthan were enrolled. 250 received a BEMPU Hypothermia Alert Device (BEMPU Bracelet) and were thus enrolled in the intervention group; 136 babies were enrolled in a control group. Babies in the BEMPU group wore the bracelet continuously for 4 weeks. BEMPU Health staff provided two weeks of training to doctors, nurses, data entry staff, and ASHAs involved in the pilot. Healthcare providers trained parents to respond to the bracelet’s alarm, which signals when a baby is hypothermic, with Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC). Also known as skin-to-skin care, KMC is a WHO-recommended intervention for improving the care of low birth weight babies that promotes healthy infant growth, breastfeeding, and bonding. BEMPU Health staff provided two weeks of training to doctors, nurses, data entry staff, and ASHAs involved in the pilot. Enrolled babies used the BEMPU Bracelet at home for 4 weeks. Staff followed up with families over the phone to collect data on KMC compliance, the newborn’s health status, and feedback on bracelet use.

This pilot was conducted for five months. The infants in the BEMPU group experienced a lower mortality rate (6%) than those in the control group (14%) who received the standard of care discharge instructions and KMC training. Qualitative results demonstrated positive feedback from doctors and nurses, promotion of KMC compliance and newborn weight gain, increase of early detection of hypothermia in the home and in weekly follow-up rates, and reduction in neonatal mortality rates.

About Bempu Health Pvt Ltd

BEMPU Health is a public health organization the funded by the Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada, USAID’s Saving Lives at Birth, and others. We received our first grant from the Gates Foundation in 2014 after spending a year in the field meeting with more than 100 pediatricians and neonatologists across India to learn more about the most severe problems in newborn health care. We worked with doctors to brainstorm solutions, build and test prototypes, and now we are distributing our health technology innovations.

We are a team of passionate and skilled health advocates working together to build technologies that will drastically improve global health. Our expertise ranges from biomedical and mechanical engineering, product design, medical electronics engineering, marketing and operations management, and public health.

Vision and Mission of my organization

Our mission is to radically improve maternal and child health outcomes in developing countries by developing and commercializing life-saving health technologies.

What makes my organization and product unqiue? 

We are a small team with diverse backgrounds, committed to making an impact in newborn health in culturally-appropriate and innovative ways. We offer a unique hands-on approach to deploying our products. When our devices are implemented in the field, we are involved in providing training, offering health education and troubleshooting problems if they occur. We provide our devices as part of a comprehensive program that includes on-the-ground training, custom materials in local languages, a 24-hour toll free call line, monitoring and evaluation services, and accountability to initial results. We are committed to supporting hospitals or organizations who use our products to ensure the interventions are implemented appropriately. Our long-term goal is to work with local and state governments, and we are dedicated to making our solutions sustainable.

Our current products include:

  • The BEMPU Hypothermia Alert Device, a bracelet that detects and alerts for hypothermia in preterm and low birth weight babies
  • The BEMPU Sling, a Kangaroo Mother Care sling, is a wearable device that allows caregivers to provide comfortable, hands-free KMC for extended periods of time
  • ApneBoot, a device intended for hospital use that can automatically detect and resolve apnea in neonates by mimicking an intervention usually provided by a nurse or doctor
  • CareCradle, a home tele-monitoring system for high-risk babies.  Using the cradle, parents send four videos per day to a clinician, who reviews them for signs of complications and subsequently provides appropriate guidance to parents

Why should a corporate partner with my organization? 

We want to reach the most vulnerable babies and families, particularly those in areas where healthcare access is limited. We have identified locations where our products can be particularly useful and where high-risk babies need support—places where there are a high number of home births, a high burden of neonatal mortality, high prevalence of Low Birth Weight, large volumes of SNCU admissions and high rates of early discharge, and generally where there is a large burden of neonatal mortality. We have not yet been able to reach all of these areas, and hope that partnering with corporates will allow us to work with these newborns in need.

We are open to working with corporates that already have child health programs, or with companies that are interested in starting programs in this field. We can work with partners NGOs to facilitate implementation.

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