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Boond DC- Microgrid

BOOND Engineering & Development Pvt. Ltd
Last Updated On 14 June 2018
Product USP
  • Zero cash management
  • Low transactional & operational costs
  • Energy stick innovation is most frugal mechanism for recharge and data transfer
  • Logical pricing structures based on generation and demand
  • Theft Proof low loss infrastructure
  • Grid compatible transmission infrastructure
  • Scalable Technology
  • Solar array capacity: 1kW to 5kW
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Simran Grover
Contact Number
1800 300 23181
Contact Email
Organisation Address
406, Block B, NDM-1, Netaji Subhash Place Pitampura New
New Delhi
Product Description

Boond has developed and implemented a first of its kind DC Micro-grid with a patented Pre-paid metering technology. The Micro-grids provide energy access in underserved, energy scarce areas where communities otherwise depend on kerosene or other harmful fuel sources for their daily lighting and energy needs.

The prepaid technology allows households to buy energy from the micro grid based on their energy needs and the flexibility to pay for it according to their cashflow.

Local operators set up the micro grid on their roof, manage payments, and first level of customer support at the village level. This also helps create an additional livelihood opportunity for local entrepreneurs.

The simple 5 step Micro Grid management process ensures easy access, usability, and customer support and data analysis for streamlined management of all the systems.

  1. Transfer- Boond transfer energy credits to micro grid entrepreneur
  2. Receive- CCS receives energy credits  from Boond server via GSM
  3. Recharge- Customer uses energy stick to  buy energy credits from micro grid entrepreneur
  4. Energy- Customer pays entrepreneur and receives recharge  for his/her meter
  5. Track- Diagnostic tool used to track energy usage and payments 

Recent Projects and Users

BOOND in collaboration with Columbia University has innovated one of its kind pre-paid model to provide solar power to the scattered and remote communities of UP and Rajasthan. Through this approach a person is free of any fixed fee to use solar energy and can pay for only as much as they use.

About BOOND Engineering & Development Pvt. Ltd

Founded in 2010, BOOND Engineering & Development Pvt. Ltd, pioneers new solutions in alternative energy technology and works across 11 states in India. Their major focus is providing appropriate and customized solar solutions across the spectrum of communities, sectors and geographies.

At Boond, they strongly believe that energy requirements vary from individual to individual, community to community, business to business and region to region. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all solution, they dedicate their efforts to identifying the right solution and optimal design.

Boond’s extensive in-house knowledge and experience in both on-grid and off-grid solutions is one of greatest assets. Boond’s total installed capacity, as of March 2017, is over 4.5 MW, impacting more than 200,000 individuals and enterprises

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