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Bore Charger

Urdhvam Environmental Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Last Updated On 19 May 2023
Product USP

BoreCharger's groundbreaking technology offers numerous benefits, including:

1. Enhanced borewell recharge rates, ranging from 4 to 20 times higher than natural recharge

2. Potential annual recharge of 4 lahks to 80 lakh liters of rainwater per borewell

3. Increased water levels in borewells by 4 to 20 meters

4. Improved water quality through reduced salinity and dissolved salt content

5. Extension of borewell water supply duration by 1 to 6 months

Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Up to 100
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Leena Dalvi
Contact Number     8956960574
Contact Email    leena@Urdhvam.com
Organisation Address
Gayatri Apartments 1 & 2, Ground Floor, Shri Krishna Nagar, Sagar Co-op Housing Society, Bavdhan
411 021
Product Description

BoreCharger employs a state-of-the-art, patented rainwater harvesting technique, which involves "Angiography" and "Angioplasty" of existing low-yielding or dead borewells. Utilizing a robotic arm, BoreCharger perforates the impervious PVC or MS Steel casing pipe at hydrogeologically appropriate depths from inside the borewell.

This innovative method allows water from the topmost unconfined aquifer, which possesses significant porosity and storage capacity, to enter the borewell through the perforations. The direct injection of rainwater into deeper aquifers bypasses rock material, enhancing the yield and quality of water supplied by the borewell. Ultimately, BoreCharger transforms every borewell into a self-recharging structure, reviving dry and dead borewells and increasing water supply for various purposes.

Value Added Services along with BoreCharger : BoreCharger offers additional services, including a Certificate of Operation with Well Inventory Details and BoreCharger Log, as well as an Angiograph of Borewell, which provides a visual map of the borewell scanning camera to assess its lithology.

Competitive Solution Comparison: Traditional "Pit-Type Borewell Recharge" structures are often inefficient, and expensive, and require significant space, construction time, and maintenance. BoreCharger, on the other hand, offers a cost-effective, long-lasting, and sustainable alternative, requiring minimal maintenance and no surface water source. Current BoreCharger Client Profiles:

  • B2C: Farmers, House Owners, Apartments
  • B2B/B2B2C: Farmer Collectives, Milk Federations, FPOs, SHGs, Sugar Industries, NGOs, CSRs,  Mining Companies, Environmental Consultancies, Agri Universities, Foundations, Rural Banks, Townships, Industries, Educational Institutes, Universities, Hotels & Resorts 
  • B2G: Gram Panchayats, Line Departments, Water Department, Zilla Parishads, Collectorates, Municipal Corporations, Town Municipal Councils.


  • Number of Borewells Recharged:   1800+
  • Number of Farmers: 923
  • Number of Beneficiaries: 85000+
  • Cumulative Potential Recharge: 187 Crore Liters

For More Info....

About Urdhvam Environmental Technologies Pvt Ltd.

A Groundwater Sustainability, Technology & Products Company, Recharging & Reviving Depleting Groundwater Resources.

Vision: To become the most valuable technology company developing disruptive and innovative products for environmental sustainability.

Mission: We will challenge conventional thinking and innovatively use science and technology to drive positive change in lives of our stakeholders and communities, to enable them to Rise!

Services Offered: We Provide End to End Sustainable Solutions Includes Consulting, Design, Execution and Commissioning.

Ground water mapping: Aquifer mapping is a multi-disciplinary holistic scientific approach for aquifer characterization. It leads to aquifer-based groundwater management.

Bore Recharger: Implementation of Bore Charger Tool to enhance the yield of a failed or low yielding borewells.

Watershed Management: We design Watershed structures based on geology, geomorphology, hydrology and hydrogeology 

Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting: We design and implement customized rainwater harvesting systems, allowing clients to capture and utilize rainwater effectively, reducing their dependence on external water sources.

GIS & Information Technology: Automated complex operations and streamlining datasets using various technologies and know-hows including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology which brings clarity, accuracy and productivity in operations.


Training & Capacity Building: provide trainings to NGOs/Farmers/CSR bodies to build its awareness among the most-likely affected local populace and build their capacities.


Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Water is life, and we provide life by providing a constant source of clean potable water. On the issue of potable water, we have all the possible means which helps nature recharge ground-water resources so that humanity in the vicinity has a constant supply of clean and healthy drinking water which additionally can be brought to various uses. We are providing tech-rich and innovative solutions which are surprisingly cost & energy efficient besides being ecologically sound!

Organization Goals:

Recharge More Than 10,000 Crore Litters of water/year

Develop 5000+ Water-Entrepreneurs in India and Abroad

Develop International Operations and Franchisees


The uniqueness of the Services:

  • Bore Charger- BoreCharger is an innovative, patented, and eco-friendly solution designed to address the critical problem of groundwater depletion in India
  • Sensors- Affordable, Accurate, Live, Easy to Use, Mobile Based, Demystified Data Collection, Visualization sensor-based platforms on Groundwater in India.
  • This technology is the first of its kind available in the space of B2C, B2B, and B2G.
  • The outcome of this technology in the form of data is valuable as it does not exist in private and public domains.
  • Services have Socio-Economic and Ecological Impact.
  • GIS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY empowers our customers for operations with the clarity, accuracy, and productivity you need to strategize and succeed.
  • Ensure Sustainability Through Capacity Building of the stakeholders.

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