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CLT e-Patashale Lab In A Box

Children’s LoveCastles Trust
Last Updated On 04 September 2019
Product USP
  • Program runs without any Internet connectivity
  • Aligned to the NCERT curriculum
  • Plugin the device to your Visual Display and Run the content of the desired Grade
  • Impacted over 10,000 Classrooms, 30,000 Teacher and 1,000,000 Students
  • Easy Navigation and Visual Representations
  • Available in regional languages
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Bopanna, Amruth
Contact Number     8296813869, 9035424876
Contact Email    bopanna@cltindia.org
Organisation Address
Jakkur Village Post,Bengaluru
Product Description

Best-in-class digital STEM content - Science, Maths and English Grammar for Grades V to X, implemented in classrooms for teacher mediation through media like televisions or projector. A simple plug-&-play device with Android mini PC serves the content repository to enhance teaching and learning experience.

The content is currently available in English, Hindi and Kannada, and is aligned to the NCERT curriculum, which closely matches all state board curricula. The content is being developed in Marathi. 

The lab in a box consists of 3 grades with a license duration of one year for 76,000 rupees. This includes the e-patashale kit and the Jigi App (Free).


Special featured of the Product

  • Content for Teachers: Teaching Points, Discussion, Videos, NCERT Lesson, CCE Content (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation), Feedback, Cognitive Ability, Take Assessment, Manual PDF, Video Illustration for the Software Navigation
  • Content for Students: Videos, Assessment, Lesson, Feedback, Manual PDF, Video Illustration for the Software Navigation
  • Program is aligned to the NCERT curriculum, which closely matches all state board curricula
  • Available in regional languages


Recent Projects and Users

Name of the Project: CLT e-Patashale

CLT designs low-cost digital STEM content for the school curriculum to enhance the classroom environment and improve learning outcomes. Currently, this education content is designed for Science, Math and English for Grades V to X and is used for teacher mediation through media like televisions, projectors, tablets and even phones. The content is currently available in English, Hindi and Kannada, and is aligned to the NCERT curriculum, which closely matches all state board curricula. The content is being developed in Marathi. The e-Patashale content is delivered through partnerships with other organizations in over 10,000 government classrooms in rural Karnataka, reaching out to 1,000,000 children.


Special Features of the Project

  • This provides for an economical solution to the teacher-shortage challenge
  • Students themselves use this content for self-learning in the absence of a teacher.
  • Teachers integrate the digital content into their blackboard teaching and lesson plans.
  • It makes learning engaging for students, helps with recapitulations of key highlights, and is also used as bridge course material for dropouts.


About Children’s LoveCastles Trust

CLT India, established in 1997 and registered as the Children's LoveCastles Trust, is a not for profit organization focused on bringing the best educational resources to underserved communities. In its two decades of existence, CLT has arrived at a scalable model that carries digital STEM content in regional languages to classrooms in the most remote areas of Karnataka and Rajasthan. The content is aligned to the syllabus and significantly empowers the teachers with tools and inspires students to learn better through visual learning and engagement. The low-cost technology delivery model of CLT e-Patashale ensures that the solution has a built-in ecosystem and does not have dependencies on expensive or high quantum infrastructure, electricity, internet or even knowledge of IT. 


At Children’s Love Castles Trust, we believe that every child – no matter their circumstances – deserves access to a rich educational environment so they can build a wondrous life on their dreams and aspirations. This is the driving force behind our endeavour. By designing interactive pedagogy for critical subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and delivering by means of a purpose-built low-cost technological platform, we work within a community of caring partners to enhance learning and achieve better educational outcomes for millions of students across all economic, social and geographic settings. We are dedicated to the cause of developing a new generation of inspired learners, and through these young minds, to help build a better society for all. Our source of pride and greatest reward is to put a smile on the face of a newly engaged, connected, and empowered child. 

CLT has a repository of rich, curricula aligned pedagogy.

- The pedagogy is available in regional languages like English, Kannada and Hindi, with the content being developed in Marathi.

- CLT has a low-cost delivery model.

- CLT employs Data Analytics to track content usage patterns. 

Scalable, replicable solution that is a one-stop/complete ecosystem for mainstream school teaching to make use of:

- Collaboration with governments, including Rajasthan and Maharashtra and operating in over 11 states of the country

- Expertise in last-mile delivery 

- Huge and rich pedagogy enabled digital STEM repository that includes over 15000 videos, pdfs, assessments, lesson plans, teaching tips - to ensure practitioners are well equipped and students find it easier to engage with & learn from the content 

- Award winning solution recognised and supported by the USAID FICCI Millennium Alliance, the Digital India Awards, the World CSR Congress, DEF to name a few


For more information, please visit Link.

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