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Captain Planet Workshop

Gaia Bharat
Last Updated On 04 July 2022
Product USP
  • We are distributing green and blue colored dustbins to schools and children.
  • It will help to build a habit of waste separation through daily visuals as well as the practical implementation of it.
  • It is a very flexible, fun, and informative workshop comprising of activities that every child and adult will be able to understand.
  • It targets and attracts a large number of people from both adult and younger age groups.
  • The surveys that we took showed a high positive impact on our audience, like 98% of the children could learn about waste management, 96% thought it was easy to understand, and 98% learned how to separate different waste. 
  • It will change the behavior of our youth and people towards handling waste and its management. 
  • It focuses on teaching from the base about source (individual) separation of waste that will help in solving the on-ground problem of waste segregation in India.
Quick Summary
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Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Madhu Kumari
Contact Number     9354383865
Contact Email    contact@gaiabharat.com
Organisation Address
2-A/3, Kundan Mansion, Asaf Ali Rd, Turkman Gate, New Delhi, Delhi 110002, IndiaNew Delhi
Product Description

Our workshop is: A knowledge-based plus interactive session that will stir up the interest of our “YOUTH” in Solid Waste Management.It will help kids learn about handling solid waste at the household/ school/ personal level.It comprises different levels of interactions, like:

  • Event: The students are demonstrated and trained on various types of waste and how to segregate the waste.
  • Quiz & Survey: We conduct a short quiz to help them memorize the visual presentation.
  • Games: Our team will conduct interactive games. Which will prepare our audience to understand that waste segregation and handling is easy and fun. And will also help them understand where to discard different waste at an early age.
  • Oath: We will conduct a small oath ceremony for our future generation in order to protect our planet and country!
  • Fun prizes: We are going to distribute wet (Green) and dry(Blue) dustbins at school and three of the best performing participants will get some more exciting gifts from us!

About Gaia Bharat

We are Gaia Bharat, a startup based in Delhi. We are working in environmental services and are currently focusing on the domain of solid waste management and water conservation. Our vision is to make Bharat waste-free. And we are on a mission to do so by educating our youth and the public about Waste, its management, and segregation. As you know, for a developing country like India, solid waste management is an ever-growing problem. We believe ‌ we need to help our young generation, which might be our potential waste generators in the future if not assisted in the right direction. To make them aware of the calamities we’ll face if we don’t work on SWM and protect the environment. And in return will help in sustaining a better future for our young generation. To do that, we have created this fun and knowledge-based interactive "Captain Planet Workshop".

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Corporates should partner with us because:

  • We will put the company’s name/logo on the dustbins for blue(dry) and green(wet) waste that we are distributing in schools and institutions.
  • Being a part of this initiative is going to increase the company’s value in front of the public and private stakeholders.
  • Massive promotions featuring your brand/business (online and offline).
  • Use of a potential crowd inclusive of all age groups for brand promotion.
  • Logo placement on banners & standees on the day of the event for increased brand visibility.
  • Brand mentions by the host throughout the event.
  • Logo placement on Participation & Merit certificates.
  • We will expand our workshop to every school and similarly Posters and banners to be circulated among more than 100+ schools and institutions across India.
  • We have created a workshop for the general public too and are planning to run it soon and similarly will market the company’s associating with us during its run and promotions too.

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