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Class Saathi

Last Updated On 26 July 2019
Product USP
  • Affordable
  • Adaptive Learning Enabled
  • No internet connectivity required in classrooms
  • No other technology (except for teacher's smart phone) required in classrooms 
  • Multiple Modes in our app - Teacher Mode / Parent Mode / Principal Mode / Admin Mode
  • Made in Korea
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Up to 100
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Pankaj Agarwal
Contact Number     1033612710
Contact Email    pankaj@tag-hive.com
Organisation Address
Room No. 806 DaewanPangyoro 815
Seongnam City
Gyeonngi Do
Product Description

Class Saathi is the world's first clicker solution designed specifically for primary and secondary schools. Class Saathi is comprised of a clicker for each student and a mobile app for the teacher. The teachers can use the mobile app to look at classroom content and ask quick quiz questions. Students can respond to the quiz questions with the help of their individual clickers. The teachers can then see in real time which students need help and can give more personal attention to that student.  Also, the parents can access the Class Saathi app with a unique invite code and can see attendance/class performance data of the students. 


About TagHive

Vision & Mission

1. We want to Give each student a voice

2. We want to help teachers do quick assessment and assist slow learners

3. We want to help parents play active role in kids’ learning journey


What makes the organization unique?

1. TagHive (Founded in 2017) is a Samsung Ventures funded company based in South Korea with operations also in India. 

2. 8 Full Time Employees; Co-Founder & CEO is IIT Kanpur / Harvard MBA / Inventor on 50+ international patents

3. Product : Class Saathi - Affordable Classroom Technology Solution (Clicker + Teacher App + ALP enabled Parent App)

4. Provided Class Saathi Clickers for 390 schools in Korea; Working with partners to brings to schools in India (Pilot Tests done)

5. 21 IPs Filed; 9 Registered


Why should a corporate partner with your organization? 

1. We provide an affordable state of the art solution that will change the way kids learn in school and at home. 

2. We are a passionate team with mixed backgrounds on a mission to make a positive difference to education in India. 


For more information, please visit Link.

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