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Last Updated On 26 December 2017
Product USP
  • Seamless Integration of Solar and Grid
  • 40-50% more efficient solar solution
  • Built-in Lithium Ion battery
  • Longer life and Short payback period
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Remote Monitoring through Mobile App
  • Compact and Elegant
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Venkat Rajaraman
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+91 40 2354 5001
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Second Floor, Lansum House, 283, Rd Number 78, Jubilee Hills
Product Description

Cygni InverterlessS : This is a solar based power solution for both Off grid and on grid homes As opposed to traditional inverters our systems do not make an AC/DC conversion to ensure higher efficiency. It comes with integrated Li-Ion battery replacing the older Lead acid batteries. Making the system both compact and efficient.

The 2017 IEEE award winning smart power is an innovative power back-up solution that promises 40%-50% higher energy efficiency. This power back-up system for homes uses Solar-DC which operates at 48V, a technology developed in collaboration with IITM that provides uninterrupted, continuous power.

Inverterless S saves 50% of your electricity bill through intelligent use of solar, battery and energy efficient DC equipment and appliances. This means the user can get free electricity in 3 years.

The energy efficiency is achieved because we prevent multiple AC-DC conversionthat occur during normal operation of any equipment. Most energy efficient appliances at homes like LED lights, Energy Efficient Fans and even the electronic gadgets like LED/LCD Televisions run on DC power. The solar energy generated and the power backup in batteries are again DC power. Using an Inverter and AC-DC Adaptors makes this conversion at each level and even the best of equipment have an efficiency of nearly 85% and with multiplier effect even with just 2 conversion wastes about 28% (about 72% efficiency which is 85% of 85% energy) of energy.  We avoid this multiple AC-DC and DC-AC conversions in our system through the innovative Inverterless System.

Another important aspect is the real time energy consumption monitoring. At present the monthly electricity bill is the only measure of energy usage. The Inverterless system provides connectivity via both Bluetooth and GPRS and the real-time consumption can be viewed by mobile app or through our centralized energy management system.

The product has been extensively field tested as a part of multiple electrification projects and CSR activities.

The product is designed to be robust and rugged. We have installations in Rajasthan, Bihar, Karnataka, Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, Nalgonda in Telangana, Irakkam islands in Andhra Pradesh and Manipur. The system has been tested in both high and low temperature regions, arid and wet conditions. The current product requires little to no maintenance over the period of its operation

And we appoint local Engineers to make sure the servicing of the product isn’t constrained due to accessibility of the location. 

Technical specifications of the products.

The Inverterless S includes the following:

-          A 1.25kWh Built-in Li-Ion battery

-          DPAU controller (ensures a Max load of 150 W)

-          2 solar panels of 125Wp

-          Dual Input – Solar and Grid ( Optional)

DC Appliances:

LED Bulbs and Tube lights, BLDC fans, Mobile and laptop charging sockets.

The product has 2 separate output modes

  1. Normal mode - The product at full load provides a backup of up-to 4 hours in absence of solar or grid power in normal mode, while in the presence of Solar/Grid input it works
  2. Emergency Mode – In this mode only the basic necessities are powered and it can provide backup of up to 24 hours.

In emergency mode, the triggers and signals are programmed to raise warning in case the usage goes beyond a certain load.

Special Features of the Product

  • Technology collaboration with IIT Madras.
  • BIS Certified IS 16711:2017
  • Provision for Solar, Battery and Grid (AC) inputs.
  • In-built Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • Single-home/Multi-home design.
  • Online DC Energy metering and Advance Remote Monitoring.
  • Smart DC short circuit protection.
  • Advance Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0v interface.


Recent Projects and Users

Name of the Project :

  • Belgawadi Village Solar DC Electrification,Karnataka
  • Nalgonda Village Solar DC Electrification,Telengana
  • Devarakonda Village Solar DC electrification,Telengana

Name of the Partner:

  • Sasken Communications 
  • Verizon Inc
  • Cholamadalam 

In India, of the 40 million homes are off-grid. Another 30-40 million homes are near off-grid, where the power availability is intermittent.  India’s total domestic consumption is about 200 TWh (terra-watt hours) per year for 1.25 billion people (average of ~500 Wh/day per person in rural areas). 

In the tribal areas and remote geographical locations of India, the power eludes the households and mainstream development remains a distant dream. And households often falls into the vicious circle of poverty. The transformative effect of energy access has been proven to eliminate the multidimensional poverty conundrum. An affirmative step to bring the marginalised section to the mainstream was envisaged and envisioned through the revolutionary DC technology. The project ensured energy access a reality to the remote terrains.  We have deployed and commissioned the following items through our DC technology.


  • 4 feet wall mountable DC Tubelight
  • Mobile charger
  • DC Socket (plug point)
  • Solar DC LED Bulbs
  • Brushless DC (BLDC) Ceiling Fan
  • Integrated Inverterless S system
  • Other appliances (like Television, Mixer/Grinder, Laptop Adaptor, PC etc are optional)


The seamless integration of Inverterless S, Grid and Solar designed to meet the local weather conditions is ensuring an uninterrupted power supply to households.

An impact study of the project has shown remarkable progress in the life standard of villagers.


The rural expertise in implementing the project has enabled us to adopt innovative ways to ensure the sustainability of the project. The electrification of houses requires technical expertise of wiring at the home premises. The up-skilling of unemployed youth at the village level to take up the installation and maintenance responsibility ensures local participation, thereby enabling them to become ‘Energy Entrepreneur’ ensuring any future maintenance of the installed systems.

Special Features of the Project

  • Skill Development
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Social Audit
  • Impact Analysis
  • Remote Monitoring of the project
  • Sustainability
  • Poverty Eradication through Energy Access  

About Cygni Energy

Cygni Energy is an IIT Madras-incubated start-up founded by Mr Venkat Rajaraman in 2014, with the aim of providing green and efficient power to every household.

Cygni Energy in association with Indian Institute of Technology - Madras develops and deploys 48V Inverterless DC technology

The DSIR certified R&D lab at Cygni gives the necessary   fillip to the innovation by catering the requirements of society. The product variants are positioned to ensure universal energy access by imparting a thrust on marginalized section.

Vision and Mission

Powering a billion dreams and Cygni is planning to power over 1 million homes in the next 5 years using the Inverterless technology

What makes my organization unique? 

  • Pioneers in 48V Solar DC Technology
  • Collaboration with IIT Madras for technology development
  • Project Management in far flanged rural areas

Why should a corporate partner with my organization? 

  • To ensure cheap reliable and modern energy access to marginalized section of the society.
  • Business expansion to reach the last mile
  • Experience handling both small scale and large scale projects ranging from few homes to 1000s of homes.

Special Features of my organization:

  • Our flagship product is Integrated DC Inverterless Systems. This is one of the most efficient photovoltaic power backup systems available in the market
  • Our systems come integrated with a mobile App to help you to monitor your energy consumption, which in turn will enable you to manage and control your energy usage.
  • First company to get selected under “Startup India” scheme, initiated by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotions (DIPP), Government of India
  • Invited to present paper on “Economic Analysis of deployment of DC power and appliances along with solar in urban multi-storied buildings” in the IEEE International Conference on DC Microgrids at Atlanta, USA in June, 2015
  • Winner of ISBA Award for the year 2015-16.
  • Cygni’s in-house R&D centre, Recognized by Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), New Delhi.
  • Awarded the Best Emerging SME 2017 by Dun & Bradstreet

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