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Prosoc Innovators Pvt. Ltd.
Last Updated On 03 December 2021
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DESKIT- School Bag Convertible Into A Study Table is a low-cost solution to solve the problem of lack of study infrastructure in schools and home of underprivileged children.

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Rhythm Sachdeva
Contact Number     8810383089
Contact Email    rhythm@prosoc.co.in
Organisation Address
123/362, Beside Garg Gas Agency Beside Garg Gas Agency
Fazalganj, Kanpur
Uttar Pradesh
Product Description

Problem we are trying to solve:


Students from the underprivileged sections of society suffer due to the lack of basic  infrastructures like tables in schools and homes. They use the floor for support while reading and writing. Sitting for long hours with a hunched back has a major negative effect on a child's health where both back and eyes get strained. It is difficult for them to concentrate and this also results in poor handwriting. 


Solution we are offering


DESKIT is a solution for the above problem. It is a school bag with a built-in table. This is a unique combination of a lightweight school bag and an ergonomic, foldable, lightweight, portable, and detachable study table. IP rights: The DESKIT Design Registration Number is 287945. 


Proven impact of DESKIT on students:

  • Students will have better sitting posture and viewing angle while studying. 
  • Students will be motivated to attend school and study. Attendance level can increase by 5-10%
  • The learning level among students can increase by 15-20% as they will be able to concentrate better when they are able to sit properly.
  • With a proper study table to use, children’s handwriting will improve.
  • DESKIT will act as a child’s personal learning space both at school and at home, instilling a sense of ownership in them.

Why Deskit:


Permanent school furniture may occur to be a proper solution to solve the issue of  studying with bad body posture. But our need value assessment based on interviews with several stakeholders including school authorities, teachers, district-level administrators, and media reports identifies why that might not be a possible solution at the moment in several schools across India. Some of the reasons are:

  • In many governments or small private schools, there is a lack of space to accommodate both students and permanent furniture inside the classroom.  Hence, in many schools, even the existing furniture is being kept aside to make  space for students, especially in primary classes.
  • In many schools, classrooms are held in corridors due to a lack of classroom space. This again means no space for big permanent furniture.
  • In several schools, electricity is still an issue. To beat the weather classes are often held in open grounds where students sit on the floor with no infrastructure support.
  • Several nonprofits that run makeshift study centers in their communities cannot afford to provide permanent and expensive classroom infrastructure.
  • Permanent furniture at school can be used only in school.Often students from underprivileged backgrounds lack infrastructure facilities at home as well.

One innovative product that can solve these issues is the DESKIT. It takes less space and can be used in any kind of make-shift classroom or closed space. Also, DESKIT can be used by students both in school and their homes.

About Prosoc Innovators Pvt. Ltd.

Vision: To design and develop innovative products for society.

Mission: To improve the lives of the people at the bottom of the pyramid through innovative solutions.

Goals: To contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals by leveraging product design and development as the key tool with necessary support through disruptive business models of social relevance.


We design innovative products for society. PROSOC Innovators Pvt.Ltd. is a for-profit social enterprise, based out of Kanpur (India). It intends to design and develop innovative products and services for the world. Our vision is to empower people at the bottom of the pyramid to live better lives, by designing and developing products of social importance. We contribute towards the following SDGs: 3rd- Good Health & Well Being 4th- Quality Education 9th- Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure 10th- Reduced Inequalities 12th- Responsible Consumption, and Production 17th- Partnerships for the Goals.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?
  • Contributing towards SDGs - Quality Education & Health and Well Being
  • We assure transparent implementation of the project.
  • Investing CSR funds for supporting a start-up social enterprise to grow and impact the lives of more underprivileged students.
  • A good platform for making a recognizable name at the grassroots. On top of every DESKIT logo/ name/ slogan of the supporting CSR, an organization can be printed with no extra cost.

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