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Dahini - Sustainable and Economical Solution to Sanitary Waste

Green Earth Equipment
Last Updated On 21 September 2019
Product USP
  • Longer Life 
  • Electric Shock and Leak Proof Design.
  • Carbon Filter
  • Compact Size
  • User Friendly 
  • Authenticity
  • Heat Resistant Body
Quick Summary
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Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Sayali Ponkshe
Contact Number     9665487833
Contact Email    greenearthequip@gmail.com
Organisation Address
B1/2, Raje Manor Appartment CTS No. 694
Product Description

Abstract: Dahini is a compact wall mounted machine which is capable of disposing the sanitary waste without human intervention. A decentralized solution to menstrual waste, Dahini is extremely economical and convenient. It is also capable of eradicating the water and soil pollution to a great extent. A practise as simple as taking care of your own waste will create a great impact on basic sanitation and health of the nation.


Problem: Sanitary waste is one of the biggest issues our environment and community is facing. With no way to recycle, the sanitary napkins lie in the landfills or are flown away through the river producing infections for 400-500 years. These used pads are also seen choking the drainage pipes, where they are forced to be removed manually. The waste pickers that handle the sanitary waste from households often complain of infections and diseases. Moreover, it is beyond human dignity to handle such kind of waste.


The Solution (Dahini): To overcome the above mentioned problems, we have come up with a compact destroyer of the size of a letterbox that can be installed at any household/institutional toilet. We urge ladies to put their used sanitary pads into Dahini and simply push a start button. With our machine getting installed into every public or private washrooms, we can ensure optimum sanitary hygiene for the ground level workers and waste pickers and ultimately to the society. This decentralized solution would ensure that not a single used sanitary pad is getting mixed with other MSW (Municipal Solid Waste).


Brief about the Innovation The napkins in Dahini would be destroyed in a 15 minutes of cycle. We have used a 500 Watt heater than runs for only 4 minutes per cycle resulting into an extremely low electrical consumption. The cost to burn one napkin in Dahini is just Rs.0.04 as against the cost of Rs.5 paid by the Pune Municipal Corporation to destroy each sanitary pad.


Replicability of the Project: Since we have made our machine affordable to all, Dahini can be installed to each and every public toilet, schools, colleges and hostel’s washroom, in every apartment or building floor, bungalow and offices or institutions. With the increased demand for sanitary pads, Dahini can get installed to rural as well as urban places. 


Scope of Project Dahini: We intend to install Dahini at every public or private washroom making the scope of Dahini as huge as the number of washrooms in the country. With a population of 35 Crore menstruating women in India, for us sky is the limit.

Success Story So Far:

  • Recognized by Pune Municipal Corporation for our contribution towards Swachh Bharat and our DAHINI project stood second for their Swachh Awards 2019.
  • Presentation and publication of our research paper internationally on sanitary waste and Dahini project by the European Center of Sustainable Development in Rome, Italy.
  • Featured in editions of Sakal, Times of India, Lokmat, Loksatta and Bytes of India for our contribution.
  • Achieved Gold medal for Symbiosis Institute’s Social Business Plan Competition, Manthan 2018.  Shortlisted as top 100 startups in Maharashtra Startup Week, 2019 by the Government of Maharashtra.
  • Supported by myGov Innovation platform of Government of India. 


Outcome / Conclusion of the Project: We would be able to completely eradicate all the health hazards caused by the used sanitary pads. It would promise to maintain the dignity of waste pickers. Dahini is a promising solution for the huge sanitary waste in the nation. It is Cost-effective, Compact, Safe for the environment to not cause any air, water or soil pollution and Scalable across villages and institutions such as schools, colleges, etc.


Please note, Dahini has multiple models ranging from DH-05, DH-25, DH-50, DH-100 and DH-1000.

About Green Earth Equipment

Green Earth Equipment is an incredible partnership of innovation and empathy between Mr. Ravindra Gadre and Ms. Sayali Ponkshe. We develop economical and practical solution to many problems that we observe in the society. We have chosen waste management as our segment with a vision to make India a ZERO WASTE nation one day; and to make our dream into reality, we ensure continuous innovation and learnings to come up with best solution that we could for each category of waste. We strongly believe that every type waste should be treated separately and at its generation point to make the most out of otherwise wasted resources.


Vision – Make India a ZERO WASTE nation with our continuous innovation and service. 


The company has emerged out of extensive compassion and a zest to bring a change in the way we manage and treat our waste. Green Earth Equipment pioneers into innovation and problem solving with 35+ years of engineering and business expertise of one of its founders. The foundation lies in its innovation and compassion towards the environment. The core team or the cofounders of the company are an excellent amalgamation towards making the company a success story. 


For more information, please visit Link.

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Dahini - Sustainable Solution to Sanitary Waste
Project Type: CSR
Abstract: Dahini is a compact wall mounted machine which is capable of disposing the sanitary waste ....
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