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Digital Learning Platform With Smart Classroom For Schools

Teachmint Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Last Updated On 05 August 2022
Product USP
  • Digital Learning Platform with Smart Classroom for schools in line with National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) guidelines
    • Enabling Government Schools with essential Digital Infrastructure such as Smart Classrooms to enrich the Teaching-Learning Process (NEP 2020 Clause 4.46)
    • Making the delivery of education simple and highly effective through a integrated learning platform that brings together Teachers, Students, and Administration in Government Schools (NEP 2020 Clauses 4.46 and 24.4)
    • Making quality continuous education accessible for marginalized students in under-developed districts across the country through meaningful technology interventions.
  • Assistive Tools:
    • Digital Learning Platform (Software) 
    • 520+ hours of digital content, 20L+ questions in question bank and 20k+ learning modules in English and Hindi (video text as well as voice over)
    • 100% mapped with NCERT Curriculum
    • In-built two-way audio-video based live class feature with automated attendance.
    • Simplified Offline attendance in classes 
    • Simplified Assessments 
    • Teachmint application also enables Teachers to share study material from any external source (PDFs, PPTs, Videos, Audio, Images, Weblinks) and make them available to students for their at-home learning. Thereby allowing them to supplement lessons on conceptual topics through audio-visual learning aids rather than only textbooks. 
  • Teacher Training:
    • Our on-ground training programs are designed to focus on empowering the Teachers. The Implementation Partner’s major role shall be to understand the issues faced by Teachers, explore solutions and implement those solutions to promote active adoption of Teachmint’s smart classroom solution.
    • Empathetic training techniques crafted from our experience working with Teachers across 5,000+ schools and collaboratively exploring solutions to spark their interest.
    • Demonstrations with active participation and collaboration to propagate seamless adoption generating great results in a short period. These demonstrations are further substantiated with user Testimonials to showcase the effectiveness of the product.
    • We aim to keep our training programs short (a few days) and encourage a method of on-the-go training wherein Teachers are encouraged to use the software supplementary to their daily schedule. This yields a visible impact much faster and witnessing the higher levels of usage among students catalyzes Teachers further.
    • School Administrators / Principals also get to benefit from a digitally enabled school such as easier operational management, attendance management, and more.  Therefore, we emphasize the training of School Admins equally. An Administrator tends to appreciate the benefit of this platform much better than Teachers. Positive support from the School Administrators is seen to be critical for the program’s success.
Quick Summary
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Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Maihul Rajora
Contact Number     8955858955
Contact Email    maihul@teachmint.com
Organisation Address
5th Floor, North Wing, SJR The Hub, Survey Number 8/ 2 & 9 Sarjapur Main Rd,
Product Description

Proposed Interventions:

1. Physical Transformation of a Classroom (Digital Hardware) –

  • Digital Hardware (Interactive Smart TV) - at least 1 state-of-the-art Smart Class for each school
  • The Hardware shall be vital in enhanced utilization and effectiveness of the Digital Learning Platform provided under (1) above.
  • This intervention is compliant with NEP 2020 Clauses 4.46 and 24.4

2. Integrated Digital Learning Platform (Software) -

Single Digital Content License which shall comprise of entire K-12 NCERT Curriculum Content-

  • 520+ hours of digital content, 20L+ questions in question bank and 20k+ learning modules in English and Hindi - 100% mapped with NCERT Curriculum
  • Teachers can use this in their regular pedagogy via Smart Classroom for all classes
  • Available in Offline and Online mode 
  • The unique short animated video format that can be used as visual aids in the classroom

In-built two-way audio-video-based live class feature with automated attendance. :

  • Avoid disruption to learning due to unforeseen challenges such as Covid-19.
  • Easy to use mobile application
  • Low-bandwidth access
  • Admin Portal Dashboard

Simplified Offline attendance:With online access and downloadable attendance reports 

Simplified Assessments: Reduces Teachers’ effort in creating question papers with in-built question banks and assessment creation tool on Teachmint

Recorded lectures or lessons –

  • Teachers can record video lectures via the Teachmint app and make them available to students. 
  • Tools for sharing digital learning material and online resources –
  • Teachmint application also enables Teachers to share study material from any external source (PDFs, PPTs, Videos, Audio, Images, Weblinks) and enable at-home learning. 

3. Teacher-training and Capacity Building –

  • On-ground training workshops shall be conducted to train and guide Teachers on adoption of these digital tools and hardware as part of their regular curriculum. 
  •  We shall be providing the following training to Teachers and Administrations –
  • Induction Training – Training sessions during initiation of the program
  • Refresher Training – To be conducted during the program on mutually agreed upon dates
  • Continuous support and guidance 
  • Assigned Key Account Manager and a 24x7 centralized User Support team.

4. Additional Interventions - Internet Connectivity plan in case the Funding Organization desires to provide Online Content, but the selected school does not have an internet connectivity plan.

About Teachmint Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Teachmint is a leading digital education SaaS platform which has been used by 10,000+ Institutions across India and the globe. Teachmint’s vision is to empower all stakeholders of the Indian education ecosystem with digital infrastructure solutions and boost access to quality continuous education. We are enabling Institutions and Teachers with the digital infrastructure to provide personalized guidance to students, ensure continuous after-class engagement, and automate their administrative tasks such as attendance reports, content sharing, creating and evaluating question papers, etc.


Teachmint was founded in 2020 by 4 IITians with deep corporate experience. Since its inception, the company has enabled millions of educators across the globe to digitize their classrooms with our proprietary, mobile-first, classroom technology. Teachmint is made in India for Indian Schools. Today, Teachmint is available in 20 Indian and international languages, with 10,000+ schools, 15+ million Teachers & students from 30+ countries on its platform.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Expertise in School Digitizaton Program: We are the leading Digital Education SaaS platform currently used by 5,000+ Institutions across India. Having had considerable success in digitizing private sector schools, Teachmint is now focused on digitization of public sector school systems at scale.Compliance with NEP'20

The National Education Policy 2020 highlights the importance of technology interventions: 1. Developing adaptiveness of education institutions towards Digital content, Online learning:

  • Developing adaptiveness of Institutions towards Digital Content, Online Learning Resources, and technology such as Smart Classrooms & Pedagogy techniques in a Blended (Online and Offline) Learning mode using smartphone apps.
  • Training Teachers to become high-quality online content creators and reinstate their position as the “core” of the Education System in the digital era.
  • Schools shall be equipped with Smart Classrooms, in a phased manner, for using Digital pedagogy and thereby enriching the teaching-learning process with online resources and collaborations.
  • Our proposed CSR Initiative: Our integrated Digital Learning Platform for schools is designed to be aligned with the guidelines mentioned in NEP 2020. Our program aims to enable Institutions and Teachers with the digital infrastructure needed to deliver high-quality education to all learners in an equitable manner.
  • Reputed Network of Implementation Partners: We have collaborated with multiple NGOs (our Implementation Partners), to roll out the program. These are some of the leading non-profit organizations such as Hope Foundation, Yuva Unstoppable,  CREATE, etc., which are currently running multiple programs in the education domain across the country.

Tested for Impact -

  • Successful implementation of projects in government schools of Delhi and Punjab 
  • Successful implementation of CSR Project in Lucknow(UP)

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