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Disposal facility for infectious used masks to contain the spread of Covid19

Green Earth Equipment
Last Updated On 24 June 2020
Product USP
  • Providing a touchless sanitation facility for disposal of used face masks and gloves to the policemen.
  • Electric shook and leak proof design of the product.
  • Approved and certified emission standards by CPCB and WHO.
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Sayali Ponkshe
Contact Number     9665487833
Contact Email    greenearthequip@gmail.com
Organisation Address
B1/2, Raje Manor Appartment CTS No. 694
Product Description

In the current pandemic situation, we have developed a mask/gloves waste disposal equipment to make sure that the infectious waste is contained and does not spread further and  the sector which requires this type of solution urgently are the police stations and hospitals.


We all are aware of how the Covid19 virus has infected our policemen working day and night for us. One of the reason for this spread is that currently the masks and gloves used by the policemen are usually disposed with normal waste and is carried or handled by multiple people. Thus, it is crucial that the used masks does not get mixed with normal waste but are disposed in a touchless and decentralized way.


Thus, we are proposing you to help our city police stations to equip them with such machines to contain the infection. Multiple police stations had approached us for a solution earlier, but due to lack of financial aid, they were unable to install the solution. We request you to kindly donate the same to them through your CSR initiative.


Disposal facility for infectious used masks to the police force to contain the spread of Covid19 infection. Using face mask is extremely crucial and similarly being responsible while disposing the used masks is equally responsible. The police force is the most affected from the Covid19 infection while protecting us. This is primarily due to lack of proper sanitation. A lot has been done, but the safe disposal of used masks is still neglected to a large scale. We felt the need and had approached police commissioner of Pune city and have received official letter of request for this facility from around 68 police station serving more than 5000 policemen.

About Green Earth Equipment

Green Earth Equipment is an incredible partnership of innovation and empathy between Mr. Ravindra Gadre and Ms. Sayali Ponkshe. We develop economical and practical solution to many problems that we observe in the society. We have chosen waste management as our segment with a vision to make India a ZERO WASTE nation one day; and to make our dream into reality, we ensure continuous innovation and learnings to come up with best solution that we could for each category of waste. We strongly believe that every type waste should be treated separately and at its generation point to make the most out of otherwise wasted resources.


Vision – Make India a ZERO WASTE nation with our continuous innovation and service. 


The company has emerged out of extensive compassion and a zest to bring a change in the way we manage and treat our waste. Green Earth Equipment pioneers into innovation and problem solving with 35+ years of engineering and business expertise of one of its founders. The foundation lies in its innovation and compassion towards the environment. The core team or the cofounders of the company are an excellent amalgamation towards making the company a success story. 


For more information, please visit Link.

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Disposal facility for infectious used masks to contain the spread of Covid19
Project Type: CSR
Disposal facility for infectious used masks to the police force to contain the spread of Covid19 inf....
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