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Drinkwell Water ATMs

WIST Water Solutions Pvt Ltd
Last Updated On 30 June 2018
Product USP
  • Accessible via RFID-enabled Card
  • Cloud based Water ATM portal
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Sudip Sarkar
Contact Number     +91 810 000 9696
Contact Email    contact@drinkwellsystems.com
Organisation Address
19B Hindustan Road First Floor behind South Calcutta Clinic
West Bengal
Product Description

Drinkwell Water ATMs simplify complex water system management through mechanical, digital, and cloud-based automation thereby reducing cash leakage, water loss, and human dependency required to operate a community-based water system.

How it works

1. Consumers load credit onto a Drinkwell Card via either onsite payment with a local caretaker or via remote recharge facility through mobile money or dealer network.

2. Consumers arrive at water system site and place Drinkwell Card on sensor once to view credit balance and a second time to begin dispensing of water (batch dispensing or continuous dispensing modes available).

3. If continuous mode, consumer removes Drinkwell Card from sensor to stop water dispensing. Remaining balance appears on ATM display.

4. Liters dispensed data transmitted from Water ATM to cloud-based IT backend via GSM connectivity viewable remotely on Smartphone/laptop through Drinkwell Portal.

Key Benefits

  • Automated water dispensing through either pre-determined batch quantity of 1- 20 Ls per dispensing or continuous mode reduces water loss
  • Customizable RFID-enabled cards maintain customer balance rechargeable via Smartphone app ensuring real-time revenue & account management
  • Cloud-based Water ATM portal enables real-time view of system utilization, Ls dispensed, revenue, and customer demographic data.

Recent Projects and Users

To be updated soon.

About WIST Water Solutions Pvt Ltd

Drinkwell is a registered brand of WIST Water Solutions Pvt Ltd. Drinkwell is a technology-driven company providing turnkey water solutions for rural, urban, and industrial customers. We focus on 3 areas:

1. manufacturing water purification technology

2. system design, implementation, and after-sales servicing of community water systems

3. effluent treatment solutions for industrial water systems


Provide safe drinking water to 5,000+ villages and urban areas impacting 5 million people by 2020.

For more information please visit the Link.

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