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Fliplearn Prime

Fliplearn Education
Last Updated On 26 February 2020
Product USP
  • All Subjects: English | Hindi | Math | Physics | Chemistry | Biology | Political Science | History | Geography | Economics | Computer Science
  • Gamified Quizzes: Students can take curated gamified quizzes across all topics and challenge their friends 
  • Performance Dashboard: Students can review their performances with regards to each subject within the curriculum
  • Anytime Anywhere Access: Enjoy 24 x 7 access to fliplearn content with mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • Free content for 2 Grades: Enjoy complimentary content up to 2 grades both above and below your child’s current class
Quick Summary
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Contact Name
Contact Number     9560658880
Contact Email    shubhi.dubey@fliplearn.com
Organisation Address
Dynamic House, Plot No. 29, 1st Floor, Front Building, Sector – 18,
Product Description

Fliplearn is a comprehensive e-learning platform that has been designed to offer students a fun & personalized way to learn. Our app consists of award-winning content that has been mapped across CBSE, ICSE, IB as well as all State Boards, all classes and all subjects. Our curated content features over 19,000 2D & 3D videos, 2.5 Lakh Gamified Quizzes, Mind Maps, Chapter-Wise Synopses for quick revision and of course, Sample Papers and Assignments. 


Using our visual learning aids, students can grasp concepts faster as 90% of information sent to the brain is via visuals. In addition, visual images are processed 60,000 times faster and this helps students understand concepts quicker. Memory retention too is improved as the human eye can register up to 36,000 images an hour. 


The Fliplearn app not only offers the above features but helps create a personalized learning path for students to follow. The app is adaptive to a student’s pace as well as performance and even offers a personalized dashboard to track individual growth. 

About Fliplearn Education

Fliplearn is a comprehensive e-learning platform that has been designed by experts to help improve the education experience for students. Our application consists of award-winning content that has been mapped across CBSE, ICSE, IB, all State boards, all classes and all subjects. With over 19,000 2D & 3D videos, 2.5 Lakh Gamified Quizzes, Mind Maps, Chapter-Wise Synopses sample papers and assignments, Fliplearn has it all under one roof. 


Our goal is to help bring quality education to students across the nation regardless of location or socioeconomic status. With our education-focused CSR initiatives, we are helping government schools improve their resources while ensuring students who lack funding for private tuitions, have a means of studying after school hours. 

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Fliplearn is pioneering technology in education through its award-winning content and in-app features. With over 3.2 million happy users and a presence in 3500 states of the art schools, Fliplearn has been able to set the standard for quality education in urban areas. 

But now, Fliplearn is pushing to bridge the gap between Private Schools in tier 1 cities and Government Schools across the nation regardless of their location. Currently, Fliplearn is in the process of helping underfunded schools bring Fliplearn into the curriculum. This will not only make the learning experience more interesting for students but will also help them get that private school experience.


If your organization feels a genuine sense of responsibility to help improve access to quality education in India, partnering with Fliplearn would help you do just that. With your support, more government schools will be able to benefit from the features of Fliplearn. This would help students across the nation get access to the same learning aids as those in private schools. As a result, education will be standardized across India. This will help decrease the gap between private schools & government schools. 

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Fliplearn Prime
Project Type: CSR
Fliplearn is an app-based e-learning solution that has been created to offer students all across Ind....
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