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Floating trash barrier for river and lake cleanup

AlphaMERS Ltd
Last Updated On 23 October 2018
Product USP
  1. No fuel and crew required, negligible operating costs.
  2. The flow of water brings the arrested trash and plastics, weed to bank using natural flow of water.
  3. This is deployed where stream is close to a road, to make it convenient to remove and dispose by use of land based equipment.
  4. The barrier will float in spite of small damage, there is light weight closed cell foam filling in the floats.
  5. Made of Aluminium and Stainless Steel, it withstands corrosive environment of polluted water.
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
D Chandrasekhar
Contact Number     +91-9980222870 / +91-80-23542870
Contact Email    sekhar@alphamers.com
Organisation Address
4th Floor, 58, Above Nilgiris Anand Nagar Main Road
Product Description

This is designed by AlphaMERS Ltd, Bengaluru. It is a floating trash barrier that arrests flowing trash, plastics and weed and brings to the bank for easier removal for disposal by land based conveyors or excavators.      It is installed where the stream is next to the road or at flow inlets of lakes. It is secured to strong points installed on bank and anchored to bed.  

Special features about your product

It is floating and adjusts to change in water level. Floats are filled with buoyant material and will not sink even if damaged by logs or other objects. Modular construction and repairs are in situ. It works 24 x 7 without need for fuel or crew.  It is installed by manufacturer. 

Recent Projects and Users

Name of project: Deployment of floating trash barrier in Cooum River, Chennai

Name of partner: This is tendered and paid by Chennai Corporation 

The river is highly polluted with liquid and solid waste. This deployment is to arrest solid waste in the river and bring to the bank. This was installed in eight locations in the river and evacuation is being done at all these locations. This deployment is tendered and paid for by the Govt body Chennai Corporation. 

Special features of project

The project has been successful and has arrested more than 600 Tons of trash, weed and plastics from the river. This removed trash has been transported to municipal channels for disposal. 

About AlphaMERS Ltd

AlphaMERS Ltd is a Bengaluru based SME engaged in developing and deploying solutions in area of environment, disaster management and renewable energy. The firm has designed a wave energy converter, gear to clean rivers and lakes, a quick assembly flood relief raft.  . We have also developed a device to control solid waste in municipal box drain filters.


AlphaMERS has earned its revenues and invested in developing solutions. It has created its own design, fabrication and test facilities. It has worked without VC or Government fund support.


We have a strong belief in our ability to develop indigenous, and effective solutions for various problems that come our way.


In us a corporate will find a sincere and enterprising firm that successfully combines – innovation capability with common sense solutions. We have been awarded SME innovations excellence awards by national trade body Assocham for last four years in a row.


Promoter D Chandrasekhar is an ex merchant navy oil tanker captain.He has studied finance management in Singapore, executive management with IIM Bangalore, and has been instrumental in conceptualising the various solutions developed by the company. 


For more information please visit the link.

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