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Handpump & Power pump attachments Arsenic, Iron, Fluoride & Nitrate removal units

Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.
Last Updated On 30 August 2019
Product USP
  • Handpump attachment does not require electricity
  • Treated water meets WHO Drinking water standards
  • Economic and effective solution to the problem of Iron, Arsenic, Fluoride, Nitrate contamination
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Harshad Rane
Contact Number     9819717936
Contact Email    harshad.rane@ionexchange.co.in
Organisation Address
Ion House Dr.E.Moses Road
Mahalaxmi, Mumbai
Product Description

Ground water is susceptible to contamination by iron, arsenic, fluoride & nitrate present in soil and rocks. Ion exchange offers resin based solutions in the form of handpump and power pump attachments for removal of these contaminants. 


  • Iron removal unit consist of Indion ISR media (Iron Specific Resin). Ion Exchange resin is treated with potassium permanganate (KMno4) and manganese dioxide (MnO2) which are retained on resin matrix. It works as catalyst to promote the oxidation of iron.
  • Arsenic Removal System consists of cylindrical vessel with two media in series.

1.  Iron removal unit consist of Indion ISR media (Iron Specific Resin).

2. Arsenic Selective Media.

  • Fluoride removal system is an adsorption process wherein the fluoride present in the underground water gets adsorbed by the RS-F(Resin Selective Media) Fluoride removal resins, developed by Ion Exchange (I) Limited.  On exhaustion of the resin bed, it has to be regenerated with PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride) solution.
  • In Nitrate removal the raw water drawn from the Power Pump is fed into the   NITRATE removal unit.  The unit houses nitrate selective ion exchange resin which removes the nitrate present in the water.

About Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.

Vision- To be the leader in our business which is so vital to people's lives and the environment.

Corporate Profile-  Ion Exchange pioneered water treatment in India and is today the country's premier company in water and environment management, with a strong international presence. Formed in 1964, as a subsidiary of the Permutit Company of UK, we became a wholly Indian company in 1985 when Permutit divested their holding. We currently employ 1,000 people - multi-disciplinary teams of highly experienced professional managers technologists and scientists, supported by a widespread infrastructure in India and abroad.

 Why should a corporate partner with us?

Complete water solutions for Rural India - 

Arsenic, iron, fluoride, nitrate, salinity and pathogens in ground water affect millions in rural India and in developing countries across the globe, causing severe health hazards. Although, the effects of these water contaminants can be reversed in the early stages, in the long term they can lead to serious life threatening diseases and in some cases, even death.

Ion Exchange a specialist in water & environment management has developed cost-effective systems to treat contaminated water. These systems are adaptable to fit onto hand pumps, a major source for drinking water in rural areas. They are also available as point-of-use and community level systems.

Through your CSR programs, you can make a difference by helping communities, educational institutions, anganwadi’s, foundation’s, NGO’s etc.; to resolve their water & waste water management problems with our wide range of products for surface & ground water treatment.


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