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HappyTap Portable Handwashing Stations

HappyTap Hygiene Solutions
Last Updated On 15 October 2022
Product USP
  • HappyTap Portable Handwashing stations are the world’s first custom-built handwashing stations that are fully portable. These stations are made from 100% recyclable PPE which makes our devices lightweight and durable
  • HappyTap Portable handwashing stations are easy to assemble, do not require any specialized skills or equipment, and can be made operational within a few minutes from the time of delivery. The stations come with a one-year conditional warranty against manufacturing defects. These stations allow us to bring handwashing within reach to people in the real sense as these can be relocated as per the user's needs within moments
  • They are easy to maintain and clean and require minimal effort to stay operational for over 5 years from the day of installation.  HappyTap Portable Hand Washing Stations can be bought individually as a stand-alone device or along with its accessories: Jerry Can and Stand (Maximum height: 26.9” and Minimum height: 18.5”)
Quick Summary
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Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Aditi Saksena
Contact Number     9082344128
Contact Email    aditi@happytap.net
Organisation Address
K-111, Forest County, Kharadi, Pune
Product Description

HappyTap Portable Handwashing Stations are in their truest dedicated hand washing space which is not only portable but also attractive to look at. It serves as a physical nudge to remind the users to wash their hands.


HappyTap Portable Handwashing Stations are very lightweight, durable, and portable handwashing stations that can be set up and made operational within a few minutes. Thanks to their specially designed showerhead, the devices save up to 80% water for every hand wash as compared to conventional plumbed sinks, which means that when combined with its 15 liters tank, every refill gives up to 60 handwashes. The devices also come with a one-year conditional warranty against any manufacturing defect.

About HappyTap Hygiene Solutions

Established in 2014 HappyTap is a social enterprise that singularly focuses on building a new normal in hand hygiene with the help of its new generation, modular and portable handwashing stations. HappyTap’s mission is to enable people to wash their hands where it is the most convenient: that is where they are. HappyTap’s portable handwashing stations can be employed in Schools, Healthcare Facilities, Anganwadi Centers, Hotels, Roadside Eateries, Factories, and Offices to help boost the existing handwashing infrastructure. HappyTap’s portable handwashing stations can be assembled by anyone, anywhere without the need for any specialized tools. HappyTap is currently available in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Madagascar, and Kenya. HappyTap has partnered with various organizations such as UNICEF, AMREF, BRAC, GIZ (to name a few) to make the new normal a reality for people all around the world and with UNICEF, Aga Khan Foundation, India Sanitation Coalition (ISC), PHIA, ASCI and Government of Telangana (to name a few) in India.

A message from Gaurav Saksena, Director- India

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Historically, handwashing with soap and water has proven to be our most effective, low cost and high impact barrier against infection causing germs. Be it a high impact disease such as CoronaVirus, Jaundice, Cholera, Diarrhea or low impact disease such as Cold, Cough, Flu, Pink Eye, handwashing with soap and water has always been our first line of defense. However, in the last couple of decades, handwashing has been neglected as a concept as well as practice. 

What have we learnt so far:

  • Hand hygiene related behavior campaign reminders when combined with convenient access to handwashing facilities they tend to be more effective than traditional posters and reminders alone. (1)
  • People wash hands more frequently if it is conveniently located and in line of sight (about 25 meters from their location). (2)
  • Every metre that is added to a person’s route (even a well trained nurse) reduces handwashing compliance by 10%. (2)
  • It is easier to get children to wash hands when the handwashing facilities are clean, close and attractive to look at. (3)
  • It has been observed that when there is a dedicated handwashing space, people tend to wash their hands more as there is a physical and constant nudge for handwashing. 
  • It is observed that a dedicated handwashing space inculcates the habit of using soap for handwashing as opposed to a habit of using ash, mud or any available alternate.  
  • Studies show connections between reduction of gastro-intestinal disorders and respiratory disorders and increased handwashing compliance. (4)

Handwashing is a very crucial habit that not only reduces chances of falling sick but also crosses into reducing absenteeism, reducing medical bills, and helping uplift living standards. It is a small step to follow, takes 20 seconds but it ripples into making every aspect of the low income lives better.


HappyTap Hygiene Solutions Pvt. Ltd. helps boost hand hygiene infrastructure in Anganwadi Centers, Schools, Healthcare facilities, Factories, Offices and HoReCa to equip these to face the new critical handwashing moments. HappyTaps cut the time required to install new hand washing facilities to a few minutes as it requires no permission, no infrastructural change, and no specialized tools and can be assembled by anyone (6 years onwards) anywhere.


Ensuring that everyone has access to safe handwashing with soap and water at more places helps the society grow healthy, strong, and resilient against infection causing germs. Over and above all it portrays your organization in a new, more human- centric light. 



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  2. Deyneko, A., Cordeiro, F., Berlin, L. et al. Impact of sink location on hand hygiene compliance after care of patients with Clostridium difficile infection: a cross-sectional study. BMC Infect Dis 16, 203 (2016). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12879-016-1535-x
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CSR projects of product

Equipping HappyTaps in Vaccination Centers of Uttar Pradesh
Project Type: Donor funded
Aga Khan Foundation bought 125 devices to equip Covid Vaccination centers in Uttar Pradesh in the pe....
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HappyTap in Jajpur’s District Hospital, School and Anganwadi Centers
Project Type: Donor funded
UNICEF Odisha ordered 150 devices of HappyTap to equip DHH, Jajpur, School and AWC to fight infectio....
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Increasing handwashing infrastructure of school, AWC and library in Hathras
Project Type: Donor funded
ISC- FICCI and UNICEF installed 8 devices of HappyTap to increase the handwashing infrastructure of ....
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