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Incinerator Model ADR

Haat Incinerators India Pvt Ltd
Last Updated On 25 January 2021
Product USP
  • The product provides immediate and easy disposal of waste
  • The product's operating cost is very low
  • ADR incinerator is an easy to use product  
  • The product prevents transport hazards
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
G Dilip Sundar
Contact Number     9742261768
Contact Email    sales@haat-india.com
Organisation Address
35 B&C, Jigani Industrial Area
Product Description

The Haat ADR range of incinerators is fairly large, from 10 kg/h to 1000 kg/h.  It is designed primarily for the disposal of animal waste and biomedical waste but can handle with ease other wastes such as general garbage, pharma waste, certain hazardous wastes, etc.


The ADR range has three basic configurations:

  • The Standard model is a top-loading type with Primary and Secondary combustion chambers, with manual charging for models from 10 to 50 kg/h.
  • Primary and Secondary chambers with semi-automatic loading for models 75 to 150 kg/h.
  • Primary chamber and modular secondary chamber with semi-automatic loading for models 200 to 1000 kg/h.


All models are normally provided with rounded corners on the inside and can be sized to be ‘one-time load and forget’.  This means the entire quantity of waste can be charged in one go into the chamber and machine started. There is no need to keep charging waste at timed intervals.  Enough volume is provided in the combustion chamber to compensate for flue gas burning in a separate chamber. 


The simplicity of this incinerator design makes it easily portable and usable in remote areas. The provision of an ejector mechanism along with an FD fan as a special feature ensures safety to the surrounding areas because there is no smoke leakage from the charging door, door etc. The ADR does not become unstable at high temperatures and does not lose its strength. The compact skid-mounted ADR makes it easy to transport and install anywhere and is portable. The ADR's design enables loading of a large quantity of waste at one time, rather than frequent loading, enabling reduced manpower.

About Haat Incinerators India Pvt Ltd


As an incinerator manufacturer, Haat has been in the forefront of waste management activities for nearly two decades. It has both standard and customized models in its range for use in different and varying applications.  Haat has a variety of solutions for the management of waste and for controlling air emissions to ensure low environmental impacts which will also provide for compliance to local regulations. Haat has provided incinerators for disposal of practically every kind of waste – ranging from units for simple animal / medical waste to complex types for marine, pharmaceutical, hazardous and gaseous wastes. Haat has both standard and customized models in its range for use in different and varying applications. It runs a common hazardous waste incineration facility under the authorization of the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board where particular types of hazardous wastes are disposed of from customers within the State of Karnataka.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

Corporates looking to fulfill some of their CSR initiatives would benefit in tying up with Haat because considering that waste management is the need of the hour. The solutions provided by Haat with over 550+ installations in 7 continents and 25+ incinerator models are durable,  proven over 2 decades and transmission of infections such as Covid can dramatically reduce by using Haat's product. The solutions require very little installation and are easy to use with running costs being low. Immense social benefits due to reduced load on healthcare facilities / improved economy due to reduced man-hour loss. Haat has worked with many companies, EPC contractors, oil & gas companies, automobile manufacturers, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, medical establishments, religious organizations, steel plants and more on a variety of applications.

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