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Saksham Trust
Last Updated On 05 April 2019
Product USP
  • Most affordable screen reading software in the world
  • Support all Indian regional languages
  • Compatible with all laptops and refreshable Braille displays
  • Unique Enabling software for the education of visually impaired and persons with  low vision
Quick Summary
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Year Of Establishment
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Arti Chanana
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Organisation Address
486, Double Storey New Rajinder Nagar
New Delhi
Product Description

Indo Nvda is a screen reading software for visually impaired/ Blind . It can be installed on a computer and can be utilised for the education of the Blind,  the 14 different vocalizer voices which were customized for the Indian population for example ‘Rishi, Sangeeta and Veena’ for Indian English, ‘Neel and Lekha’ for Hindi, ‘Ananya’ for Marathi, ‘Alpna’ for Kannada, ‘Geeta’ for Telugu etc. Indo Nvda proved to be a key for education and employment for thousands of visually impaired people in India. It supports popular applications including web browsers, email, internet chatting, and office programs including word and excel.
The cost of each product is INR 35,000.

Special Features of the Product

  1. Customized and cost effective screen reading software for visualy impaired .
  2. Works with both Computer and refreshable braille display.
  3. Visually impared User can access content in 43 regional languages.
  4. Enabels visually impaired  user to choose from 14 Premium voices in 10 different languages.

Recent Projects and Users

The project is build around distribution of the laptops loaded with INDO NVDA software along with three months training on the special sets of commands used for operating the computer in this mode . Training is provided by the specialized trainers at Saksham.

About Saksham Trust

Saksham was established in 2003 with the sole purpose of empowering persons with blindness. It plays a key role in advocacy and act as a service provider in the field of rehabilitation, education, training and assistive technology. Our vision is to create a sensitized and motivated society that acknowledges the value of interdependence and appreciates the abilities of persons with disabilities and willingly provides equal opportunities for all.


Why should a corporate work with us?

Saksham is one of the well known organization working in this field and we wanted to be able to impact more lives and careers in a positive way. We have been handling several projects and were able to create a major impact in the society. We have been working with several CSR team and have a professional team to deal with our partners.



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