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Internet Connected Solar Home System - REEVA

R2V2 Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Last Updated On 04 July 2022
Product USP
    • Assured Access 24x7x365 to Internet connectivity over cellular networks 
    • Assured access to clean solar energy for powering Reeva utilities 
    • It provides education, health, and entertainment along with other benefits through a plethora of included apps.
    • A 2-day working autonomy on LiFePO4 batteries 
    • Complete end-to-end solution for immediate activation of services 
    • Has its own Reeva ‘Tablet’ with a 10.1” Screen 
    • Up to 2 years EMI option 
    • Immediate access for B2C, and C2B transactions for additional reach and revenues for Companies and Communities
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Contact Number     18005727466
Contact Email    info@r2v2.in
Organisation Address
Express Building, 3rd Floor, 9-10 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
New Delhi
Product Description

Reeva is an integrated, connected home system that helps bridge the massive gap between the last-mile rural homes and the digitally connected world. It helps in providing education, health, and entertainment along with other benefits through a plethora of included applications. Reeva helps vindicate how India has bridged the digital divide, by making financial inclusion and last mile delivery, workable concepts.

  • It comes equipped with its own Solar Panel, Lithium battery and offers a 2-day back-up on the included utilities - A 10.1” Tablet, 3 Lights, a Fan, Mobile Charging, and Internet access. 
  • Reeva systems offer seamless internet connectivity to user homes over Cellular Networks. 
  • To facilitate seamless and quality connectivity, each Reeva is equipped with the latest GSM. Module and an External Antenna for the high gain of signals in upcountry locations. 
  • Reeva also provides 1.5GB Free Data/ Day to each home user across the tenure of their EMI plans.The Reeva Tablet functions both as an Interface to work on the Internet, and is also the ‘Controller’ to control the solar side utilities, viz. – LED Battens, Fan, Mobile Charging, voice calling, and receiving.Reeva systems come conveniently packaged with 3 plans of 12, 18, or 24 EMIs.

About R2V2 Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Our Vision and Mission are to provide ‘Inclusivity’ to the rural communities through providing assured access to Clean Energy and Internet viable and scalable to the rural communities. Our vision is to help equip the poor and remote communities in our country with the primary tools for family’s progress and growth, which are, assured access to Energy, 24x7 and assured access to Internet Connectivity, 24x7. We firmly believe that through offering the above two services to the rural communities, Reeva shall be directly making a significant contribution to helping achieve GOI’s mission of an Inclusive Society. Our mission is to install 300,000 Reeva units as Customer Premise Equipment across India by the end of Fiscal 2023-2024.


What makes the organization unique? 


R2V2 Technologies P Limited is unique on multiple counts, viz.:


  • The company has focussed on basic services required by all in our communities today, for creating a unique Reeva platform to provide ‘Inclusivity’ to all.
  • ‘Reeva’ is a proprietary innovation that upon activation provides immediate and assured access to:clean energy, internet access to User families.
  • Platform -through mass deployments of Reeva, R2V2 is creating a Unique, 24x7x365 available, online platform of focussed user communities for all companies and advertisers who are wanting to spread their footfalls in the rural and upcountry goals.
  • Reeva platform is an exceptional B2C and C2B Platform for Commercial transactions, Feedback, and more.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

R2V2, the company, offers an exceptional value proposition to business partners: Reeva specifically addresses the existential and critical needs of families in upcountry and rural India. It assured access to clean energy assured connectivity.


  • Scalable and Sustainable; designed for Mass-adoptions.A focussed and delineated Reeva user community of ~300,000 user families by fiscal 23-24.
  • Dedicated and focused user community. For partner businesses, the above will enable a dedicated and direct, 24x7x365 presence in all user homes. 
  • Greater reach & deeper penetrations.R2V2 has the funds and resources secured to support the targeted number of 300,000 units.
  • Fresh opportunities for B2C and C2B transactions through the Reeva platform for Businesses across industry sectors, viz.–Education, Health and Well-being, FMCG, Agriculture, Entertainment, IoT applications, Social Media, Public Services Registrations/Utilities, more.
  • Customer onboarding and financing To help families onboard each unit is the company financed with EMI of up to 24 months available as options for loan-approved customers. 
  • The company provided free data per day to users based on location and usage plan. 
  • Reeva - a complete Package.Reeva is an end-to-end package that requires to be installed at the user location (normally their Homes).
  • Upon ‘activation’ which follows the installation, Reeva is immediately able to provide assured access to both energy and Internet connectivity. 
  • Doorstep services.Reeva customer interaction is developed to avoid any customer stress.Thus, all customer interactions towards onboarding -KYC, loan approval, installations, and activations are designed by R2V2 as doorstep services under its operational geos. 
  • Dedicated regional and satellite offices. R2V2 has launched Reeva in three states of UP, Rajasthan, and Orissa with its own branch offices and is expanding its footprints through a local network of Satellite offices.
  • Reeva helps in delivery of various social welfare benefits like PM-KISAN, PM Aawaas Yojana, PM Jan Arogya Yojana, PAHAL, MGNREGA, National Social Security Assistance Programme, PDS, and others.

CSR projects of product

Project Reeva
Project Type: CSR
Project Reeva is exclusively rolled to alleviate the existential challenges faced by us today: &nbs....
More CSR Info >>

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