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JanaJal – Water on Wheels (WoW)

Last Updated On 21 November 2017
Product USP
  • 500 Litre Battery operated e-rickshaw
  • Provide safe drinking water to every household
  • Cost Effective
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Above 50000
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Thenny Mejia
Contact Number
98118 17305
Contact Email
Organisation Address
D-976, Ground Floor, New Friends ColonyNew Delhi
Product Description

Water on Wheels


W.O.W is environment-friendly and the purified water mounted in the tanks passes various tests of purification which makes it extremely safe for consumption.

Custom WOW battery operated e-rickshaw with 500 liters secure tank for on-demand delivery.

  • Integrated with mobile app for e-payments and orders
  • 1:5 Ratio –5 WOWs for every fixed JanaJal ATM
  • Prototype ready

Key benefits:

  • Hub (ATM system) and Spoke (WOW) model
  • Optimize capacity utilization of ATMs
  • Increased revenues and profitability per ATM
  • Build brand and penetration within communities
  • Enabling “last metre ” connectivity for delivery

Recent Projects and Users

The company has recently launched JanaJal Water-on-Wheels. Currently it is doing a pilot in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, with 75 e-rickshaws.

About JanaJal

JanaJal is creating social impact by benefiting several communities and millions of people in rural India. JanaJal has recently introduced WOW – Water on Wheels, a mobile water ATM built on a battery operated e-rickshaw enabling last metre delivery to residential areas in urban and rural India. The company has developed a unique CSR model that ensures “zero leakage” of funds deployed by the donor through its shared water infrastructure supported by cutting edge technologies as the backbone for remote monitoring and supervision in real time. JanaJal’s safe drinking water campaign is an important part of the Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat Campaign.

JanaJal aims to create a positive impact on the following aspects of human life:

  • Improve standard of living
  • Increased economic efficiency and productivity
  • Better education due to higher attendance of children in school
  • Preventive healthcare with reduced water borne diseases and illnesses

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