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Kibo XS: Multilingual Scanning & Reading Companion

Trestle Labs
Last Updated On 31 December 2019
Product USP
  • Immersive Reading-Learning Experience
  • Language-support
  • Enhanced-accessibility
  • Learning-Tools
  • Easy-access
  • IP
  • Ecosystem-Partners
  • Affordability
Quick Summary
Product Category
Price Range
Year Of Establishment
Contact Name
Bonny Dave
Contact Number     9033933806
Contact Email    bonny@trestlelabs.com
Organisation Address
C 403, Devsatya Co H So, Divyajivan Residency off New C.G.Road, Chandkheda
Product Description

Kibo XS is a multi-lingual scanning & reading device that can seamlessly connect with any PC/Computer/Laptop as well any Android smartphone to read any printed or handwritten documents in audio across 11 Indian- English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sanskrit and multiple overseas languages.


Users can also Download the scanned content in Editable formats (like .doc, .docx, etc.), Translate them to the language of their choice and have it read out in audio or save it to Kibo Cloud for multi-device content access. Thereby, Kibo XS can be a great tool for Content digitization and Document management as well.



Kibo XS does not require any charging and weighs just 400g! So, it is easy to carry wherever you go. It is an inclusive reading and learning device built for institutional and individual use. It supports-

  1. Reading features like Play/Pause, Navigation, Speech-rate and Text-to-speech selection
  2. Save the documents on Kibo Cloud for multi-device access anytime
  3. Compatible with existing screen-readers (PC/Laptops) and Talkback (Smartphones)
  4. Easy-access: Even a visually-impaired individual can use it independently


Kibo has been validated with 500+ people across academia, and industry and is empowering them to- Optimise workflows, Access content independently,  as well as Digitize Content. Be it a school, university, office, or any government institutions like public libraries, Kibo is a solution for everyone.


Kibo XS with the support for 11 Indian and multiple overseas languages and compatibility across mobile and web is priced at less than 1/6th of competitors worldwide that offer English-only support.

About Trestle Labs

Trestle Labs is leading the way to empower people with print and learning disabilities towards inclusive education and equal employment opportunities, through its vision of 'Making world's resources inclusive'.

By leveraging the power of technology, our products enable real-time access to any kind of Printed, Handwritten and Digital Content across 11 Indian and multiple overseas languages through audio.


Our products- Kibo Mobile App and Kibo XS device are empowering people across-

  1. Visually-impaired individuals (pursuing higher-education  or preparing for competitive examination): Real-time access to any kind of printed  (text/reference books) or handwritten (class notes of friends) content
  2. Inclusive schools & universities: As a teaching-learning tool for the differently-abled students in the class
  3. NGOs / Blind Schools: Training blind and visually-challenged students to read from printed and handwritten books using computers and smartphones
  4. Workplace (Corporates/Government): Enhancing the workplace productivity of visually-impaired employees (who were often offered voice-based job roles)
  5. Public Libraries: Equal  and inclusive access to information for everyone

"So that they can read and learn what they want to and not be limited by what the world can make accessible for them".


For more information, please visit Link.

Why should a corporate partner with this Organization ?

We are really looking forward to partner with Corporates with focus areas across Social Innovation, Education, Rural Empowerment, Diversity & Inclusion, Disability Inclusion, as well as Healthcare to provide equal access to reading-learning resources and equal opportunities for growth & employment


Our Kibo platform is empowering people to make better-informed decisions and has been used to read 300,000+ documents with an overall engagement time in access of 1..7 Million+ minutes (July - December 2019).


"Through Kibo, I am able to check and access the handwritten answer-sheets of the students in my class", says a visually-challenged professor who is using Kibo since July 2019

"I cleared my 2nd year BA exam and now going to fill the form for 3rd year. Kibo has really helped me in my studies", says a visually-challenged student who uses Kibo to prepare for her exams

..stories of empowerment like these are what we want to weave together with you. This is why we should work together-

  1. By supporting Kibo XS, you not only empower the individual but in turn, are empowering the whole community through that individual who now no longer has to depend on others to access any content
  2. Our product is built with a focus on giving Indian regional language support and hence supports the following Indian languages: Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit
  3. Our plug-n-play model to add support for multiple languages helps us drive impact across demographics
  4. Assess, gauge, and analyze the impact for every product donated/distributed/subsidized



We understand the dynamic requirements of corporates towards contributing back to the society and thus, have crafted various areas of collaboration and partnership to empower the community. Here are a few areas:

  1. Distribution of Kibo XS devices to Blind and Visually-impaired students at an NGO/School/College etc.
  2. Setting up Kibo Access-ability technology centres at NGO/School/College/University
  3. Make your own organization inclusive with the installation of Kibo XS
  4. Support subsidy for Kibo XS deployment in your region

..among other areas of potential collaboration.

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